Influencer Marketing Agency

6Degrees is a boutique agency with unique expertise in the growing field of influencer marketing. We’ll work with you to develop creative strategies that leverage the world’s most effective and authentic social influencers. From identifying and activating them to managing your campaigns as they goes live, our team will simplify your influencer marketing efforts in ways software solutions can’t. And we’ll back that claim up with in-depth measurements and reporting, giving you hard numbers for reach and engagement while gleaning insights to make future campaigns even more targeted.

Identifying Influencers

We are a completely neutral, human-driven influencer agency. We do not have a network of influencers who have “opted in,” because that only limits your choices. We don’t rely solely on AI or algorithms to find influencers who match your needs. While we make use of proprietary technology and predictive analytics for the initial discovery phase, we don’t let allow the ones and zeroes of the digital world to be the last word on making authentic connections. Technology is only a starting point for us, and we won’t activate any influencers before they’ve been thoroughly vetted by the living, breathing, members of 6Degrees Agency.

Campaign Management

Our award winning campaigns for leading brands don’t happen in a vacuum. For our clients and their creators, campaigns are only one part of the influencer marketing journey, which begins long before your first piece of content ever gets published. This means managing influencers and understanding their audiences, something we can’t do until we understand our clients and their objectives. 6Degrees will manage your influencer relationships from the start, representing your brand and handling all communications around identification, negotiation, activation, and execution. Our holistic, hands-on approach ensures brands are getting the most out of their marketing budgets.

Measurement and Reporting

Influencer marketing is a long-term endeavor. We expect results after the first campaign, and our best-in-class influencer analytics allows our clients to monitor the reach and engagement of their content in real-time. But we don’t just hand you a report to show you what we’ve done. We use this data, along with audience demo- and psychographics, to gain insights that will form the foundation of our next collaboration. Understanding what worked and what didn’t, and with which audiences, enables more targeted campaigns. With each successive piece of content, we build on past performance to create more focused, targeted campaigns that will have you marketing to the right people, efficiently and at scale.

Why Us?

Backed by industry leaders, we’re a small team of seasoned marketing professionals with over three decades of combined experience.  We don’t try to be all things to all brands. Rather, we specialise in several lifestyle verticals—like beauty, fashion, and fitness—helping our clients find new customers where they’re most likely to find them: Instagram. We’re already working closely with the platform’s leading influencers, as well as identifying the latest up-and-comers. Our focus on Instagram means we’re not just aware of the latest trends; in many cases we’re shaping them. Because of this, our clients are able to see positive returns on their investments while attracting better and more loyal customers to their brands.

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