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14 Influencer Marketing Stats that You Did Not Know

There have been many significant changes in the influencer marketing industry within just a short period of time. And whether you’re a marketer or an influencer, it’s wise to stay updated with these changes and updates. This can help you execute more effective campaigns or better monetize your influence. Here are 14 interesting influencer marketing […]

21 Male Instagram Influencers You Should Follow

Influencer marketing is often considered to be a female-dominated space, especially on Instagram. In fact, a Klear study found that 83.9% of Instagram posts using the hashtag #ad were created by women. However, there are plenty of male influencers who are dominating the space as well with intriguing and exciting content. Many male influencers who […]

7 Influencer Marketing Case Studies that Prove Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay

We’ve provided you with a few case studies before proving how effective influencer marketing is to promote businesses. From top brands like Nike to startups like YouFoodz, businesses are executing successful campaigns involving influencers. Here are seven more case studies with impressive results, proving that influencer marketing is here to stay: #1: Tommy Hilfiger#2: Old […]

18 Free Tools to Find/Identify Influencers

Influencer Marketing Hub has already created a very comprehensive list of 15 tools that you can use for free to discover influencers for your campaign. You may have tried using some of those tools and found that they work for you. But what works for one marketer doesn’t necessarily suit everyone. So we’ve decided to come […]

The 15 Most Hilarious Meme Pages on Facebook

Over the past decade or so, memes have become a deep-rooted element of the digital world, particularly on social media. But you’ll be surprised to learn that it was a term coined by biologist Richard Dawkins back in 1976. It was meant to describe cultural trends that become rapidly popular. Going by his definition the […]

15 Twitch Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

Massively popular among gamers, Twitch has become an important marketing platform for many gaming-related businesses. It has even become one of the leading social channels for businesses to execute their influencer marketing campaigns. If you’ve heard about the platform and are thinking about using it as a marketing channel, it would be wise to check […]