168 grain sierra matchking 308 ballistics

While they are recognized around the world for record-setting accuracy, MatchKing® and Tipped MatchKing® bullets are not recommended for most hunting applications.

SBT 220 gr. HPBT MatchKing 168 gr. MatchKings® are the pride of the Sierra bullet family, unmatched worldwide and truly world class in all respects. The 175 grain 30 caliber MatchKing (#2275) was created to allow .308 Winchester shooters to stay supersonic at 1,000 yards. In the days before the 175 gr. RN 150 gr. Project Guns- Gunsmithing articles and posts, Shilen #7 Select Match barrel, 1:10″ twist, Surgeon short action detachable magazine bottom metal, Building a Custom Remington 700 .308 Tactical Rifle, MagnetoSpeed barrel mounted ballistic chronograph, Redding Competition Bushing Neck Die with Titanium Nitride bushings. Please READ THE DISCLAIMER on this site before proceeding. The 168 SMK (above, left) has a fairly conservative ogive and boat tail shape that make it easy to tune. 150 gr. The #7775 was introduced in January 2015. Sierra's famous MatchKing® design assures superb accuracy, flat trajectory, and high momentum delivery with low sensitivity to crosswinds at all ranges. This is one of those events that happened by accident. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! All shooting was done prone, from a bi-pod with a rear bag. The Nightforce 3.5-15 scope was set at 15x. [email protected]. Help me pay the bills, follow Rifleshooter.com on Facebook and click the links on this site before you make a purchase! The 30 Caliber 168 Grain MatchKing was developed in the late 1950s. The 77 grain Tipped MatchKing (TMK) allows seating to an OAL that permits cartridges to be loaded into M16/AR15 magazines. FN 180 gr. The data was summarized in 308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm NATO: Barrel Length versus Velocity (28″ to 16.5″). Easy to load and tune, there is good reason the 168 SMK is and was so prolific. Like this post? This can be useful in comparing cartridges or loads. 1400 W Henry St Although MatchKing® and Tipped MatchKing® bullets are commonly used for varmint hunting, their design will not provide the same reliable explosive expansion at equivalent velocities in varmints compared to their lightly jacketed Hornet, Blitz or Varminter counterparts. The test gun is a custom built Remington 700 chambered with a Manson 308 Match reamer. You can find an email form and contact information here. These Hollow Point Boat Tail bullets have a small meplat to produce a higher ballistic coefficient. I was working up some reduced-recoil loads with IMR Trail Boss for my 308 Winchester and fired a […], Most 6.5 Creedmoor shooters prefer heavier bullets. Standard deviation ranged from 5.3 to 17.4 feet/second with an average of 10.6 feet/second. The 44.5 gr. Targets were 2″ orange dots targets at 100 yards. HPBT MatchKing.308 Diameter Bullets 110 gr.

OTM Match Grade Rifle Ammunition Not everyone reloads. The best Varget group was .432″ (.413 MOA), this one was 4 shots (I only had 49 cases in this lot). The obvious choices were IMR 4064 and Varget. The popularity this advantage created made adding the 175 grain Tipped MatchKing (TMK) bullet a necessity. Sierra MatchKing (SMK), the 168 SMK ruled supreme in the 308 Winchester. I had been using the 168 SMK for T and E purposes on test rifles, however, I never spent much time working on load development with them.

SPT 150 gr.

The table above compares select loads developed in the test rifle. HPBT MatchKing 155 gr. © 2020 Sierra Bullets

The following improvements will be made: Please sign up for our newsletter so that you can be alerted the moment these new features are launched! A higher ballistic coefficient compared to the 168 grain bullet (#2200) allows it to remain supersonic at 1000 yards when fired from 308/7.62mm caliber Service Rifles. The 90 grain MatchKing® is the final product of a series of tests, covering both accuracy and exterior ballistics, to arrive at the best possible bullet for the Long Range competitor. Ultimatum Precision U300 bolt action review: Initial impressions. It will a produce a line graph showing the bullet drop and flight path of the bullet.

While they are recognized around the world for record-setting accuracy, MatchKing® and Tipped MatchKing® bullets are not recommended for most hunting applications. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Back then it was sometimes referred to as a “heavy match” bullet since it was a step up in weight from the 147-150 grain projectiles (I actually had a Khales 26mm tactical scope cammed for it with “HM” inscribed on the turret). The major advantage of adding a tip to the bullet is the reduction of drag, producing a more favorable ballistic coefficient. Bullet Selection, Cartridge Selection, Precision Rifles, Reloading

Does the MagnetoSpeed V3 chronograph change group size and point of impact? Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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