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The safety is a 3-position unit on the right of the bolt shroud, with the usual forward – FIRE, middle – SAFE with bolt operation and rear – SAFE bolt locked and there’s a cocked action indicator pin that protrudes from the rear. is the largest shooting resource and review based website, using the resources of Britain's biggest and most comprehensive magazines - Gun Mart, Shooting Sports and What Gun. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. There are options for colour, folding stock, barrels and suppressors and many accessories, which can be added. The AT is ideal for Law Enforcement and civilian users.” So, here I am, a civilian end-user; well, tester anyway! With an alloy spine, complete with magazine well that the barrelled action was bolted too, its polymer, over build furniture included an adjustable comb and LOP, plus the option of folding or fixed butts. Subcategory Bolt Action.

The forend is slightly less rectangular and can be fitted with accessory rails and there’s also a saddle mount over the barrel for a forward-mounted NV optic. It’s also easily removable, which opens up a host of possibilities! EuroOptic: Guns, Glass, & Gear - - If you aren't intimately familiar with the nomenclature surrounding Accuracy International, it can be tough to know which rifle that's being talked about. Available in black only.

Of the two loads, the lighter PPU proved more accurate, coming in at around ¾inches @ 100-metres, the Precision Hunter was shooting an average of 1-inch. You don’t have to have an AW in order to get a thumbhole stock. The 20mm bolt body uses a 6-lug engagement, with a low angled and curved-back, ball-ended handle. Likewise the early AX’s when they had the AT rear end, you could also fit with thumbhole stock sides. I just took a couple of quick pics of mine. Newsletter Signup. In essence, the generic action has changed little but furniture and features, as to what they offer, have. There’s a QD socket in the nose of the forend, so you can use AI’s spigoted bipod, which as we shall see is a practical design. On the base, is a cant adjuster screw, which is most appreciated, and unlike an under forend mount, the rifle/ bore line sits lower in the bipod, so increasing stability. Accuracy International AE my 111 Bolt Action 7.62 mm Rifles.

Rifles are available from two official sources; Sporting Servicers and Sportsman Gun Centre.

It is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum that is Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized. Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. Model AE my 111. These stock side thumbhole grip upgrade kits for the 2014 AT Chassis are a great way to add versatility to your system. The AW also proved popular with sports shooters too, looking for a long-range rifle, so much so that at one stage AI made a slightly cheaper variant called the AE, which doubtless sold as a sniper gun too. Make Accuracy Interna... Calibre 7.62 mm. A Century of Evolution is a detailed study of the weapons and associated equipment used by the... also the AX models pre-2014 were not quick barrel change. Just About Everything® It seems every time there’s a sniper trial for a new rifle for the British services, the AI gun always wins!

As before, the barrel is seriously free-floated and there are lots of flush-cup sling swivel adaptors.

This is much preferable to the old AW, which used a slimmer 11 or 12mm dovetail, which always struck me as a bit feeble for a sniper rifle. Accuracy International × OK. For testing, I used two brands of ammo; PPU 168-grain HPBT Match, which very much replicates the Sierra Match King 308 bullet and Hornady’s Precision Hunter. The steel receiver is chamfered on the top sides and now has a proper 20MOA STANAG 4694/Mil Std 1913 action rail; that’s Picatinny to you!

Now, unscrew the barrel; AI have cut flats at the muzzle for a spanner if required and reverse the process to reinstall. Simply Firearms. The barrel is a medium/heavy build, offering 20-, 24- and 26-inch lengths and Cerakote finished for durability. Action is a round type with a rounded off bolt shroud and is not bonded to the chassis, attaches via a conventional action screw format. Coming from impeccable target shooting roots, their real claim to fame is a series of sniper rifles.

The magazine release is a big, push-forward lever at the rear of the well and the 10-round, double column steel box free falls out. 10 round magazines are available for .308 & .243 rifle models. The re-design for the AT is very similar but shows a normal pistol grip and a more cut away underside to the butt that offers a larger grasping hook, which I found better. Both this and the AW are no longer in production, now being replaced by the AT and the more upmarket AX, the former rifle is on test here. They are not over priced like some other aftermarket skins. Conversely, you can get a Harris K-Mod adaptor for underneath, as that has compatible slots.

You must log in or register to reply here. The safety is a tad high and forward and I had to break my firing hand position to operate it, but I can live with that no problem! 8 photos. You can learn more about the cookies we use and why we use them by viewing our Privacy Policy. Saying that, the 1-12-inches twist indicates that the AT is built more for around the 150-grain weights, in keeping with the standard 7.62 NATO ball cartridge.

They were discontinued around 2010-2012. there were 3 generations of the AE rifle, the first had the 1.0 style butt with no adjustable cheekpiece and used its own specific single stack magazine. The original L96 A1 was introduced in 1982, then the AW (Arctic Warfare) variant in 1988, pretty much the same thing, but with some modifications for cold weather use that did not detract from temperate operation. Category Rifles.

The AT sits almost dead in the aim, which combined with its easy bolt operation, makes for a very stable platform. Customer Q&A are not compatible with your browser.

AI says this about the AT: “The AT (Accuracy Tactical) continues the legacy of the combat-proven AW308 and takes the AW to new levels. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies.

Head space is not an issue, as the chamber face comes up against a physical stop when it’s fully engaged. AICS AT M700 Thumbhole Upgrade 1.5 Chassis - Black - With 5RND 300WINMAG Magazine. Removal/replacement takes about one minute; open the action and undo the Allen screw on the right side of the action just behind the end of the receiver two to three turns (no more). Accuracy International - AT Law Enforcement Rifle .308 (In Stock! You can however get an accessory that turns the AT’s grip into a thumbhole if you prefer.

The British Sniper.

It looks a bit odd, but in the hand, operates smoothly, with little operator fatigue. Compare Compare Items. 7. Was the information on this page helpful.

This uses their 178-grain ballistic tipped ELD-X pill. New Accuracy International AICS AT Thumbhole (Accuracy Tactical) Long Action Stock in BLACK, ... £ 1,698. Ordered these Tuesday and they arrived on my doorstep Thursday. So popular was the AICS that AI built them to fit rifles like the Remington 700, so assuring their success in the sporting market. The BT57-QK Accu-Shot Accuracy International AT (ASAIAT) Monopod is designed specifically to fit the Accuracy International Accuracy Tactical Rifle (AT) and Accuracy Tactical Accuracy International Chassis Systems (ATAICS).

In very good condition.

Product Reviews are not compatible with your browser. Barrels come plain but can be ordered threaded with a 2-port brake, as did my tester. Items like the bipod and muzzle brake are optional, as the base rifle consists of the following- fixed stock, standard adjustable cheekpiece, fixed butt pad with spacers, pistol grip, flush cup sling attachment points, 20MOA STANAG 4694/ Mil Std 1913 action rail, user manual, and 1x 10-round magazine. List Price: Our Price: $ 67.42 Add to Cart for Special Price SHIPS FREE Orders must have $49 of Free Shipping products to qualify for shipping discount. Accuracy International (AI) is probably the most successful British manufacturer of centrefire bolt-action rifles today!

To me, the barrelled action looks little different to the AW’s; well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The standard model has a fixed stock with 24-inches, quick change, and plain barrel. Trigger pull is adjustable from 1.5- to 2kg, as is the position of the blade; nice refinements that offer just that bit more finesse, which is what it’s all about! This has lead me to again research the different models of AI rifles and I think I finally have the models all worked out but please correct me where I'm wrong. The AICS Thumbhole Upgrade Kit now allows the shooter the option to switch between this upgraded thumbhole version or the original pistol grip.

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