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Lifestyle Magazine and Common Place Book Online: Something For Everyone, Five things to help stop the spread of coronavirus, An Oriental Odyssey (Chinese Drama Review & Summary), KDrama, JDrama, TwDrama, ThDrama, FDrama, CDrama, HKDrama, Genre: Historical Costume Drama Fiction, Wuxia, Mystery, Crime, Fantasy, Romance, Origin: China; based on the novel by Miao Juan. The police found out that the brothel is the hub of opium trafficking. An Oriental Odyssey (Chinese Drama Review & Summary) An Oriental Odyssey poster Genre: Historical Costume Drama Fiction, Wuxia, Mystery, Crime, Fantasy, Romance

Yuan An as a James Bond has her version of ‘Q’, who provides her with new gadgets. The two monks were students of the original keeper of the Nine Sacred Beads but upon his death, before his corpse had cool down, his two most trusted students fought over the beads and the other disciples also joined in a martial art combats, thus most of the beads got lost in the process. While they were on their investigations, they come across a ‘ghost’/slave trade market. It is all about the beads. Mu Le refuses to go back with her because he can’t forget that she hit him. An Oriental Odyssey (Sheng Tang Huan Ye, The Magical Nights of Glorious Tang) is China drama premiere on Oct 18, 2018 on QQLive. Title: 盛唐幻夜 / Sheng Tao Huan Ye English title: An Oriental Odyssey Genre: Mystery, period Episodes: 50 Broadcast network: Tencent Video Broadcast period: 2018-Oct-18 to 2018-Dec-06 Synopsis. Sign up to enjoy Asian TV shows and movies, and continue where you left off. She dressed Q in woman’s clothing and pretend as one of their servant women. She wanted his attention so she is trying now to be more girly.

Poor Mu Le borrowed money from everyone but won’t reveal what he needed the money for. . Lan Zhi retrieved the painting ready for the Empress birthday.

Both the queen and Yuan An were aghast and surprised at the request.

盛唐幻夜, The Magical Nights of Glorious Tang. Finally Yuan An and Mu Le had their moment, though rather brief. Yuan An was trying to save him but a dragon got her while being watched by baddies who emigrated from Power Rangers.

There in the forest, Yuan and Mu Le had their confrontation, where Yuan An cajoled Mu Le to go back with her but Mu Le refused especially when Yuan An intimated that he had to go back to the army. But what will Yuan An do when she discovers Mu Le’s true identity?

But what is Mu Le's true identity.

Yuan An fought with him and then begged him but he was determined to arrest Q. Yuan An takes Mu Le in as a family servant, and the latter swears his loyalty to her. She had Yuan An arrested and about to torture when Lan Zhin appeared. It looks like that Lin Zhin is a secret gambler and had accumulated some debts.

Mu Le died or disintegrated and then at the very end he was back again! LOL.

In order to stop Lan Zhi going after the bandit leader, who the infanta was protecting because he has one of the divine beads, she snog Lan Zhi. But if you really loved her you will allow her to live a life of peace and contentment and not of suffering from being rejected by the fashionable society. But it ended rather emotive as General Zhao came unexpectedly to join the party. Yuan An then gave Mu Le to the Girl, who has a secret. Lan Zhi was dying from the poison. Yuan An tagged along when Lan Zhi took his troop to fight the bandits. After the party, the Queen summoned both Yuan An and Infanta for a private talk. He was staying at the Ye mansion. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. There has a deeper attraction because they both remember that the Infanta kissed him (mouth to mouth resuscitation) to bring him back to life when he almost drowned.

Learn how your comment data is processed. As it was not clear that Xianya was also the killer of the star dancer, the servant girl was rearrested.

The course of events eventually led to him stealing the artifact himself and escaping to another country. Mu Le said that he likes being free with the bandits. It was really another male servant who was the culprit, which her brother caught in the act.

She warned Lan Zhi to take care of Mu Le and not let him be in any danger. With this gadget, Yuan An sneaked into the prison and rescued the servant girl. The closer the team was to the real motive, the more Mu Le remembered his past. Mule came back drunk and gave Yuan An a rough lingering kiss and then blamed it all to her for being so beautiful and lovely. What would be her most surprising case? Her brother and Mu Le decided to return to the manor against her wishes.

This drama is about the search for the nine divine beads that could end the chaos that is besetting the world, provided of course that the ultimate finder has a sacred heart.

Lan Zhi had been called by the head eunuch to investigate. New case for Lan Zhi, a spectre that borrows faces.

Meanwhile, Mu Le at the barracks of the soldiers doing his worse.

He was Xianya, who unfortunately had fallen in love with the graceful Ruo Yo, the star dancer.

Mu Le was befriended by a con-man who used him to steal money from a market vendor. Along with Zhao Lan Zhi, a constable, the trio solve cases after cases together.

Of course, she doesn’t look like a man at all, but we’re supposed to believe that everyone in the drama sees her as a young man except for only a few. A case of murdered courtesan introduced upper-class lady/amateur detective Ye Yuan An to amnesiac slave Mu Le and … Lan Zhi, the hypocrite was annoyed at Yuan An because she does not want him to kill Mu Le.

The young brother was watching gleefully.

It was the Empress birthday celebration. The Infanta then said she wanted Zhao Lan Zhin for herself. Instead of thanking Mule, the girl wilfully pretended that Mu Le broke her branded earring.

Ye Yuan An (Wu Qian) is the daughter of the Assistant Minister of Revenue during the Tang Dynasty. He is dead and gone. Based off Miao Juan's novel.

This stunned Lan Zhi and became catatonic.

The second person was another monk who I called the ‘Q’.

For the first time, the infanta woke up without worrying about what she needed to do that day,  She is at peace. หน้าแรก » ซีรี่ย์ออนไลน์ » An Oriental Odyssey ซับไทย EP1 – EP50 [จบ] Related Posts. After THAT ending it does need second season, because what the hell. Miraculously he got better but he told Yuan An that while in his death’s door he realised that he wanted to know his past. Yuan An immediately relayed the infanta’s request to Lan Zhin, who thought that Yuan An was in one of her jokey modes once more. Unbeknownst to them, all the cases are connected to a disastrous attempt 19 years earlier to steal a holy artifact, in which monk Tian Qiao was pardoned by the Emperor and monk Tian Shu was on-the-run as a wanted man. He sorrowfully said to her “You hit me!”  It broke his heart (and mine). “An Oriental Odyssey” is a 2018 Chinese drama series. Lan Zhi then recounted a story about a high born lady who eloped with her servant.

As soon as he was unchained, he went absolutely wild and run-off. Based off Miao Juan's novel. She blames Lan Zhi for having not protected Mu Le enough. An Oriental Odyssey (Chinese Drama Review & Summary) An Oriental Odyssey poster Genre: Historical Costume Drama Fiction, Wuxia, Mystery, Crime, Fantasy, Romance

The drama is set during the Tang Dynasty and revolves around … She then asked what he thinks of her but when he was about to confess to her, she pushed him away. Mu Le was set up by Yuan An’s young brother to take the fall for the voyeur who had been perverting on the servant girls’ quarter. The Infanta noticed that two of the divine beads were in a bracelet worn by ‘Q’. Jiang Ren before dying had already replaced all the candles at the wedding venue. One of the slaves on sale was a feral man who was good at riding horses, running, jumping and flying but he does not talk.

After Lan Zhin made the Infanta agree not to torture YuanYuan, he then went to the Queen to beg that Yuan Yuan is let out of jail. Lan Zhi had a one to one with the leader. After a good scrubbing, the wild man looked different, he was actually innocently handsome. The infanta jealously asked him what Yuan An got that he would beg on his knees. Jiang Ren, the slave of the Infanta was really in love with her (and it seems quite mutual as well) so he went for Xianya with his sword intent on killing him for disrespecting the Infanta. It is a tantalising ending worthy of a second season. Lan Zhi and the Infanta continues to flirt with each other but then Lan Zhi would feel guilty because he has an unofficial understanding with Yuan An. They got out of the cave with Yuan An wailing that she needed to rescue Lan Zhi. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He then remarked to Mu Le, I know you like Yuan An. Title: 盛唐幻夜 / Sheng Tao Huan Ye English title: An Oriental Odyssey Genre: Historical, fantasy Episodes: 50 Broadcast network: Tencent Video Broadcast period: 2018-Oct-18 to 2018-Dec-06 Air time: Thursday to Saturday 20:00 (2 episodes each day) Synopsis. He received positive reviews for his role as a detective. His debtor had kidnapped him until a ransom (equivalent to his debt) is paid to him. Yuan An was raging when she found out that Mu Le had become a bandit.

He was their real drug trafficker and manufacturer of opium. She later found out that her ex-boyfriend is quite nearby.

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