astral chain lappy quiz

I've been waiting for Lappy to run to the spot I'm in for about 15 minutes now and he has yet to pass me.

Here's the solution. Finally, in File 12 you purchase one from Brenda. Take a picture of Lappy with your new camera, too. You have to play it again for the dropped item, the buried item, the cat, the toilet and the photo order. These answers to Lappy's Ultra Quiz should help you reach the target score of 40. That’s definitely one of the spots Lappy passes through. Just make sure you’re in File 08.2 (I think) and you should see her eventually. You can also see a few other quick guides below. Now get out there and solve those puzzles. Here’s the Quiz Kids solution in Astral Chain. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the astralchain community. Now you get yet another reward, and you’re done. File 8 has two, one for winning in the balloon bash mini-game, the other for scoring enough points in the quiz. Caught in Zone 9 cell -> 2nd closest. In File 08 - Peace in Astral Chain. For even more tips, tricks, and guides make sure to check out our Astral Chain guide wiki. ... Quiz Kids. The case in question is R1-B1 ARI. Here are the guides for this puzzle cases. Press J to jump to the feed.

Lappy Suit. It would also help if anyone has a mapped out route that he runs. Climb the ladder mentioned above and interact with the group of kids. File 7 you just need to speak with Lappy at the start. Home » Guides » Astral Chain: Quiz Kids Riddle Solution (File 03). Astral Chain guide: File 05 Accord cases, cats, and collectibles map By Jeffrey Parkin August 30, 2019 Astral Chain guide: File 06 Complicit cases, cats, and collectibles map These answers to Lappy's Ultra Quiz should help you reach the target score of 40. During File 08 in Astral Chain you can find Lappy running around. If you head to the right side and help the mechanic fix his out of control worker robot, you can climb up the ladder and find the Quiz Kids. Next, up go to the elevator and press B3 and go to the training area. In Astral Chain you're rewarded more for timing and simple inputs. When you start File 03 in Astral Chain you’ll be exploring a section of the city called Maison Forest. The Quiz Kids are a fun little side quest you'll come across in while exploring the Maison Forest in File 03 of Astral Chain. In File 03 - Link in Astral Chain. That does it for the Quiz Kids riddle solution in Astral Chain. The fourth brother is the one that’s lying, so just pick that option when asked and you’ll have solved it. You have to play it again for the dropped item, the buried item, the cat, the toilet and the photo order. Is he not spawning? File 5, you must fight Jin and reach max happiness with him. ... (similar to the final battle in Astral chain). Now, if you talk to the Quiz Kids again you’ll actually get another side quest called Quiz Kids Shuffle.

Astral Chain File 03 Walkthrough The chapter starts off and you are tasked to go and talk to Joseph in the command room. If you successfully solve the second Astral Chain brothers quiz, you will be given a Call Burst +30% ability. The Quiz Kids will give you a new hint for your Police Notes, and reward you with the Legion Rush ability and a Torn Bag you can sell. Which one of these is NOT a real X-Baton configuration? You can talk to each brother and figure it out, or you can just get the answer from us. [Astral Chain] File 08 - Heavy Traffic 1 Solution, [Astral Chain] File 08 - Heavy Traffic 2 Solution, [Astral Chain] File 08 - Heavy Traffic 3 Solution, Astral Chain - Lappy's Ultra Quiz Answers, Quest 7 – I Wish for Love – Persona 4 Golden, Quest 6 – Acquire a Ritz Wire – Persona 4 Golden, Quest 5 – Acquire a Demon Statue – Persona 4 Golden, Quest 4 – Acquire an Angel Statue – Persona 4 Golden, Quest 3 – Acquire Mori Ranmaru Shochu – Persona 4 Golden.

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