bdo frigate vs sailboat

Before you start sailing you need something to sail. If you liked the Guide, be sure to check out our Fishing guide, that explains in some short words how to maximize your fishing profits, it can be found here :, Also with a Fishing Boat you are perfectly set for our Black Desert Online Fishing Bot. You will also need to have the materials you intend to use for the barter in the ship’s cargo hold. This is an old guide on the early boats in the game. Lifespan 235,201 and Weight limit 360 LT. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the blackdesertonline community, The subreddit for the PC MMORPG Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl Abyss. Epheria Frigate: Black Breeze Sail Produced in Epheria's Ship Part Workshop 5 Design: Epheria Frigate 450 Tough Flax Fabric 120 Glue 15 Blue Whale Tendon 150 Trace Of Ascension If you are interested in ocean content I would recommend reading my beginner’s sailing guide as it will guide you to a free Bartali Sailboat, sailor slots and a lot of more useful information. September 20, 2020 September 20, 2020 | | 0 Comment . After a few quests, you get a free “Ship License: Bartali Sailboat” item. Epheria Sailboat, BDO Rowboat and Other Boats. Standardized Timber Square x1000 (Fixed) Gathering, Processing.

Are you up for a real great challenge? Try it and see how you like it. Let’s let me teach you with the help of this Black Desert Guide. How to upgrade Bartali Sailboat to Epheria Sailboat or Epheria Frigate, Improved Epheria Sailboat and Epheria Frigate. Any pros and cons? Still – a tedious task that you have to repeat 20 times, which comes down to a minimum of 20 days preparation time to even start making your Boat. So having a heavy crewmember reduces the weight of goods you can carry without slowing down. Epheria Sailboat takes much less materials. It used to be the best ship available for battle, but since the Great Expedition update, it is now considered lower tier. Voila, you are now the proud owner of a Yacht .. or Rowboat :). To find the location of sailors looking for a job you can talk to Philaberto, Croix or Islin and ask them about hiring sailors. Also, the materials themselves are somewhat easy to obtain, although Logs are a bottleneck resource for both ships. The other, and to be honest much more fun way, is to build your own boat.

Blue accessories require 50% more mats compared to Sailboat. The World is huge, so it is easy to miss, but there are actually a ton of little islands – and actually even a full continent, in the middle of – and on the other side of the sea. For more details on how to get there, etc, visit our Sycraia & Protty Cave Guide. . There are five types of ship gear with two tiers, green and blue. You can assign multiple workers to build your Epheria Ship. the 800 Jade Coral Ingots will take you hundreds of hours of diving.

If a sailors condition reaches 0 he becomes sick. With level 0 Processing, 1 standardized timber square requires 10 usable scantlings, for which you need to craft 100 logs. Sometimes, there will be an event running that will also give a daily quest for Jade Coral Ingot. bdo frigate vs sailboat. 5,000lt weight limit. In total the Boat will make you roughly 150.000.000 Silver lighter. Workers can come from any town, as long as the nodes are connected to Port Epheria. Every other mat is acquired exactly the same way as mentioned before. There are lots of boat accessories, and there have been quiet some calculations about the sense and, or nonsense of Boat Accessories in BDO. Ship Upgrade Permit: Epheria Frigate x1. You sailor can get experience in the following ways: You start out with a single slot for sailors. The steel is made by processing iron ore into iron shards and then process the shards together with coal to make steel ingots. I could sell the higher tiered items for 44 million silver or keep them in the hopes of using them to complete another bartering chain faster. The stats for the raft are: Durability: 40,100. Like with most other mats, you can either buy any sap directly in the Central Market, or you can collect it with a Fluid Collector. Epheria Frigate Upgrade Method. For a detailed comparison, view our Epheria Sailboat vs Frigate guide.

(Upgrades are instant, but pricey.

If you have a shipyard lv.3 you can also craft the Epheria Frigate from nothing. The stats for the regular rowboat are: Durability 70.100. Epheria Frigate is more expensive to build and to buy on the Marketplace.

Protty Cave is located on Weita island, which is north of Velia.

The next bigger boat is the Fishing Boat, which is the best boat in my opinion for 99.9% of your needs. It is made by processing usable scantling which is made by processing logs. You don’t.

Because bartering is the only way you can get some of the materials needed for the higher grade ships and ship gear.

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