best compact 9mm 2019

Yes the 365 has taken its place but for single stack this one is a winner. You should have no worries about capacity with the 12 plus one rounds that this Taurus offers you. Interesting list. The 13-round mag sticks out the bottom, but with an extension matching the grip shape and texture. If you have any vision problems, take this into account.

23 rounds. 1.

It can be difficult to improve on a great gun, but it is not impossible.

Ranges and gunshops with ranges will often have firearms you can rent, and this is the best way to find out what’s going to work for you. It is slotted for a small light or laser with one forward locking point. Then we come onto the incredibly lightweight one pound of weight of this pistol design. We’ve ensured to include only high quality and reliable options.

So in this article, we will run you through a selection of the best single stack subcompact 9mm pistols on the market. So thanks for spending the time to read through this article. The P365 XL comes with two 10- or 12-round mags, and extended 15-round magazines are available. Just recently, the company added a manual safety version for shooters who prefer that feature. With a 3.55-inch barrel, the standard payload of 12+1 rounds is complemented by a large extended magazine of 17+1 rounds in a package still only 1.05 inches wide, 4.48 inches tall and 6.65 inches long. Base models start at $569 and go to $599. And Ruger produces all this for a price under $400. But I doubt I’ll ever wish I had carried less. Not a single gun you reviewed can match this gun. The assembly is exactly what provides this gun with its fabulous dependability and sturdiness. We move straight onto this Taurus G2C 9mm model, which comes in dark purple and black. In addition, there is a manual safety that works nicely, and you get two 12 round magazines included in this package. However, the company didn’t stop there. Striker fired, the pistol has no manual safety beyond the safety lever in the center of the trigger. You must consider that sometimes it isn’t about “sticking around”, but “you can’t get away”. This is made possible because of the well designed seven single stack mags used by the MC1SC. The company then added a ported version and an optics-ready version, which includes a 4-moa red dot sight. It uses a single action type and comes with a custom distressed finish. Additionally, the slide has both front and rear serrations to allow for a non-slip racking process. MSRP: $379. Not one has ever failed. There’s also an underframe accessory rail for a light or laser attachment. For more information, visit It’s super accurate and an ideal option for either home defense or concealed carry. Weighing only 25.6 ounces, the Heckler & Koch VP9 has been constructed from a polymer frame and has a 15 round magazine capacity. Lastly, it seems quite obvious that a 9mm subcompact has been made for concealment. Not necessarily a high-capacity arm at 8+1 rounds of 9mm, the Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield EZ is the one easiest to load, manipulate and one of the softest shooting major-caliber semiautomatics in its class. It’s also an impressively lightweight design at just 1 pound. It’s very slimline at just one inch in thickness, and the full length is a mere 5.8 inches, making it ideal for concealment. The larger grip also provides additional purchase whether shooting at the range or on the street.

Don’t hold no value. As such, this pistol is easily modified for both people and applications. One thing making the P365 XL so controllable and concealable is the sharp angle to the grip. It’s good for people with limited hand strength or anyone that wants to let off a very rapid first round in self-defense.

One of the most affordable of today’s top-tier compact 9s is the Taurus G3c, a 10+1 or 12+1 polymer-framed pistol with a 3.2-inch stainless steel barrel, overall length of 6.3 inches, a height of 5.1 inches, width of 1.2 inches and weight of 22 ounces. Sure, I’d rather avoid any altercation at all, or at worst just pulling it will be enough. Next in line, we have this Walther Arms PPS M2, with a barrel length of 3.18 inches and a seven-plus-one round capacity. Ruger SR9C. Compact 9mm pistols with high capacities are really popular these days, and they’re available with a variety of features and in a range of prices.

I own a Sccy. So, we’ll start by distinguishing between the different types of 9mm pistols you could opt for. Smith & Wesson have also added an enhanced grip texture to this compact pistol design, enabling the likeliness of a positive grasp when quick-drawing. The striker-fired mechanism is complimented nicely with an incredibly smooth and crisp trigger. But very controllable, and accuracy isnt a problem for me. It has great texturing and subtly molded finger grooves to fit average size hands. Due to the slim and dehorned profile this Mossberg design sports, it’s likely you won’t experience any bulkiness or bulging when carrying it over long periods. MSRP: $538. In fact, Ruger just might have done it with the Security-9 Compact. DB9 GOOD ALL THE WAY AROUND. Ideally, you should want a slimline, short, and lightweight pistol that can be hidden away and carry for long periods without any hassle, or it being seen. This is due to an ever so slightly wider and longer magazine type. Suggested retail is just $306. This has enabled the company to produce a pistol that weighs in at just 1.32 pounds. And we like the added Ruger logo on the grips too. If you’re thinking about adding a light, laser or combo unit to a pistol’s rail—or purchase a gun with an integral system—experiment with them to see which might be most suitable for you. Julie Golob of Team Smith & Wesson guest stars, joining Jim and Scott for a discussion of how best to introduce new shooters to the sport. Additionally, ammunition technology has jumped to make 9mm self-defense ammunition extremely effective. So, you didn’t mention the Springfield XDs in 9mm…. You also get a double-action-only trigger built into this pistol. Another change is that the slide now has a slick silver finish, which is coated with a special protective compound. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. Last on our list of the Best Single Stack Subcompact 9mm Pistols, is this Mossberg MC1SC Subcompact Semi-Auto Pistol, which features a manual cross-bolt safety.

Your email address will not be published. I own three of the 5 on this list and there’s a reason I don’t have a SCCY. Barrel and slide are made from 416 stainless steel with a choice of black DLC finish or matte stainless. As such, this pistol provides full-size performance in a concealed carry package. Last, and most importantly, start looking for training classes in your area.

Unlike its G2c predecessor, the sights on the G3c are steel, with a plain serrated rear sight and a white dot front sight.

But you never know. The grips differ slightly too with them mostly being black or green G10 grips, or a Black Rubber Finger Groove option is also available.

At the risk of being flames, I like my 2nd generation Diamondback DB-9 with laser aiming module. An added plus, disassembly can be accomplished without pulling the trigger first and without tools. A big thumbs up from me. Enough said.

In terms of sights, you get a three-dot system that supports quick and accurate close-range targeting. I have never had a misfire with 500 rounds through it. A close friend of mine is a fire arms instructor. It has a very crisp break and a predictable reset that audibly lets you know when it has reset. Many don’t realize that Mossberg’s first gun was a pistol. Over the past decade or so, 9mm pistols have grown greatly in popularity. This subcompact pistol features a matte black polymer frame, white three-dot sights and a 3.4-inch barrel that the company button rifled. You want to get off on a good foot with your new gun, and professional instruction will put you on the right path and give you confidence. So, we decided to highlight 10 of the best concealed carry 9mm pistols available in 2019, and maybe just a little sooner.

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