best melodic rock albums 2020

—TJ Kliebhan. A host of metal’s biggest bands and most exciting new acts have released a stream of blockbusting albums which provide a welcome distraction for what’s going on outside the window. BA1 1UA. 3.85 151 votes: 05 : Synovial Songs of Silver. B-Sides.

Fans of J Dilla and Erykah Badu will fall in love with it, though the New Yorker very much has her own particular voice. –Spencer KaufmanManaging Editor, Heavy Consequence, Origin: Richmond, VirginiaRelease Date: June 19th. The best metal albums in the first half of 2020, as picked by the writing staff of Consequence of Sound's Heavy Consequence. 3.74 51 votes: 07 : The Unguided Father Shadow. Neatly balancing stunning melodies with teeth-clenching brutality throughout, they’ve made show-stopping metalcore look easy once again. 3.9 449 votes: 03 : Chamber (US) Cost of Sacrifice. Should Saturday Night Live Replace This Actor as Joe Biden? So sit back, take a deep breath, and soak in the Top 20 Metal Albums of 2020 (So Far). Why It Rules: Obsidian feels like a victory lap after a decade of powerful records representing one of metal’s most remarkable late-career rebounds.Paradise Lost don’t reinvent the wheel, but after experimenting so long, why bother? 3.81 26 votes: 06 : Counterparts N.L.T.L.

Marling’s songwriting just gets deeper, more confident and better with every release: here, she shares Joni Mitchell and Cat Power’s poetically observational powers over warm-boned arrangements. There’s shaken-up pop from Rina Sawayama, searching rap by J Hus and Jay Electronica, and invention everywhere from KeiyaA’s soul to Beatrice Dillon’s electronics, Mon 11 May 2020 01.00 EDT The best albums of 2020 so far. Thank you for signing up to Metal Hammer. An imaginative retelling of the Frankenstein myth, Franckensteina Strataemontanus ties in timeless themes from Mary Shelley’s 1816 original with the alchemical experiments of occult physician Johann Dippel (the novel’s possible inspiration), plus a 1920s German serial killer, a British military campaign of WWII and a particularly cruel 13th-century Holy Roman Emperor. Why It Rules: With their fast paced, aggressive riffage and shouted vocals, it is sometimes easy to miss the band’s uplifting message. 3.86 44 votes: 03 : Embodiment Palingenesis.

The former frontman of the Walkmen still has one of the best voices around, in a white-blues lineage with Joe Cocker and Rod Stewart.

Not only is it their second album in as many years; it also marks a creative high for these rejuvenated aggressors. From the doomed death metal of their earlier years to the gothic rock experimentations of the late ’90s, Paradise Lost have proven themselves as songwriting adepts over and over. Veterans like Lamb of God, Testament, and Sepultura have delivered albums that rank among their finest, while the unbreakable Ozzy Osbourne soldiered through a series of physical setbacks to release his best solo LP in years. Visit our corporate site. Tkaczyk lost his right leg in the crash but returned with “The Hammer,” a custom-made drum kit provided by his father.

Hardcore is more exciting and creative than it’s been in years, and Pittsburgh’s 156/Silence line up next to hometown compadres Code Orange in the vanguard of bands pushing it forwards. Their latest, Obisidian, touches on every stylistic choice the band’s made while maintaining a core identity all its own. Clockwise from bottom left: BC Camplight, Fiona Apple, Jay Electronica, Carla Bley, KeiyaA.

It’s pure mosh fuel with hooks for days and no distractions.

The Best Metal Albums of 2020 - H.E.A.T II, Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX, Nemesis, Open Source, Terminal Velocity, Noir Kid, Unfold The God Man, I Am the Empire: Live from the 013, Emerald Seas, Omens, Abyss, Rzeczom

What we said: “Leithauser performs with his customary passion, and this marks a pleasing new direction for a singular talent.” Read the full review.

3.86 18 votes: 04 : Necrophobic Dawn of the Damned.

As well as post-bop and spiritual jazz, there are boom-bap beats, Tortoise-y doodles and various other singular moods. The group’s debut album, Shadow of Life, promised death metal riffage and a frenetic metalcore atmosphere. But without losing their strangeness.” Read the full review.

He goes toe to toe with starry guest producers like the Alchemist, Hit-Boy and No ID with his own beats – Flux Capacitor’s Rihanna sample deserves special mention – and an uncredited Jay-Z sounds young and hungry on the mic, while Jay’s own ruminations are droll and authoritative throughout. After the crazed carnival of 2018’s Avatar Country, Hunter Gatherer is a return to the heaviness of Avatar’s melodic death metal roots, but this time with the finesse and ingenuity of their later material. The mood enhancer the nation needed in lockdown. The riffs will have you closing your eyes in sheer bliss. Since then, the band have welcomed new singer Laura Guldemond into their coven, and her histrionic snarl gives glam-smeared tracks like Dance With The Devil and Lucid Nightmare an edge that could cut steel. What we said: “Heavy Light confirms a major talent.” Read the full review. Share them in the comments below.

If the answer to all and any of those is yes, then this is perfection personified. Bath Cher from Clueless would probably file this under “complaint rock”: there is such acute disquiet to singer-guitarist Dana Margolin’s voice. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The world’s biggest and best metal magazine.

Verminous doesn’t just uphold their quality control; it represents a band who are still evolving, possibly yet to reach their creative zenith. If Code Orange's last album, Forever, was their Pretty Hate Machine then Underneath is very much The Downward Spiral – a 1,000 ft neon signpost for the rest of the world to follow, the first classic record of the decade, and one that confirms its creators’ position as the best band on planet Earth right now.

Why It Rules: The self-titled LP is aggressive, brainy, fist-pumping heavy metal at its best. Scientists name new fossil species after Rotting Christ, Black Stone Cherry seize life with both hands on new album The Human Condition, The history of the 1980s in 100 metal and rock songs, Maynard James Keenan plays Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Kiss and King Diamond albums to his grapes, The Chris Fehn Vs. Slipknot legal case has been settled. Why It Rules: Metal bands are often like military campaigns, requiring sophisticated interlocking maneuvers across multiple fronts to confuse, surprise, and elicit surrender from their listeners. There is so much repeat-button enjoyment to be derived from this UK rap supergroup, not only in the atmospheric trap backing them, but in how each of them is nimble in different ways: Young Adz is the appealingly plaintive foil to the front-foot confidence of grime stalwarts Chip and Skepta.

It’s a heady brew, mixing rich, eclectic arrangements with the more percussive, goth-industrial grooves and dark, sophisticated storytelling. The Pittsburgh hardcore/metal band leveraged a glossy yet fiendishly intricate kind of production for this masterpiece of heaviness, where big triumphant choruses are pummelled into tiny slivers of digital sound.

Fall Away edges on thrash territory, while the bridge of A Depth That No One Dares is deliciously blackened by its blastbeats and shrill screams. Composite: PR/Rex/Shutterstock/Chris Spivey/Getty . This set, with lungfuls of air in the spaces between Bley, bassist Steve Swallow and saxophonist Andy Sheppard, is witty and warm with just a hint of bossa nova at times, plus a quiet political fervour in its presumably ironic snatch of Hail to the Chief. His libido remains rampant, but he searches his soul more deeply than ever.

3.74 63 votes: 06 : Descend The Deviant. Note: The mid-year list is unranked, listed in reverse chronological order of release date. Best Melodic Death Metal Albums of 2020 01 : Inferi (USA) Of Sunless Realms. The Best Rock Albums of 2020. On July 13th, 2019, the band played a “one time only” concert at The Shrine Outdoors in Los Angeles where they hinted about the possibility of new material. 20 best metal albums released in 2020. This self-titled album certainly signals the bands rebirth.

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