braille skateboarding members

Didn't know that sub existed. He acts like he is having fun on videos but it’s just an act, he is a very frustrated individual and sad of the reality he has created.

They all act in that just odd way that Braille does. these are not the links, pics, and quotes that i care for. Before Fame.

What most of us don’t know is that 7 other current Braille employees and 1 former Braille employee are Scientologists.

I began this course having zero knowledge about Adobe Premier, the step by step guide helped me understand what to do like cut with the razor tool, export, slow motion video and how to create a title. He studied computer science at West Valley College. The most detailed Skateboard Riding Guide ever.,,,,,,,,, Re: I was perma banned by r/BrailleSkateboarding for discussing Scientology, Quote from: honey island on October 12, 2020, 09:05:13 AM, Quote from: dooley on October 12, 2020, 09:11:37 AM, Quote from: ok boomer on October 12, 2020, 09:17:00 AM, Quote from: Lou Strux on October 12, 2020, 09:28:36 AM, Quote from: TheDingus on October 12, 2020, 09:58:39 AM, Quote from: Twanked n Danked on October 12, 2020, 08:52:56 AM, Quote from: fs180 on October 15, 2020, 05:07:32 AM, Quote from: Pavs323 on October 12, 2020, 09:55:35 AM, Quote from: Telly on October 12, 2020, 09:06:52 AM. Sign up for our All Access Monthly Membership and have all the answers to achieving skateboarding greatness at your fingertips. Every month send us a video of a trick you are having a hard time with and you will get personal skate support on what you need to do to nail that trick! They're kind of like myths to me, I've also net met anyone who had lupus.

I hope any kid that got into skating because of them grows up and sees the bullshit for what it is. ), and Chloe Holmes (remember her from the videos?

I've never met an actual scientologist in my life.

(0_o) whatever dog you probably suck at it. You will learn how to skate, film, edit videos & how to create and grow a YouTube channel.

Devin Weber (CEO), Kylie Dacasin (VP Administration), Lance Silber (remember him? I thought I’d share that information with the r/BrailleSkateboarding community. Any of the kids at my skate park could watch this and understand how to edit their clips together. Spreading the shredding, sharing the Shalom. This plan comes with additional service available only to our monthly Braille University Members. I'm sure most people from LA have a story or two about how insane they are. With our monthly subscription plan you can have access to all courses in the Braille University. I understand the argument that Scientology does comparatively less evil in the world than other religions (Catholicism and child abuse, the outsize influence of evangelical groups like The Fellowship in American politics, etc.). Still, there is something particularly sinister about the way Scientology infiltrates cultural spaces and the ruthlessness they have towards anyone who stands in their way.

We have courses that will teach you insider secrets for skating, filming, growing a social following and more! Member of the Braille Skateboarding team who is a skateboarder in addition to videographer and editor for the team's YouTube channel which has 5 million subscribers. I actually made a skating subreddit to try and counteract how utterly wack all the skate content on that site is, but got uninspired to actually try and make it into a thing for the same reason. I was perma banned by r/BrailleSkateboarding for discussing Scientology.

He created the largest skateboarding YouTube channel with over 2.8 million subscribers and average monthly views of over 25 million.

The basics of YouTube Stats and Improving Channel Quality. The thing with Braille is that it’s all fake: Aaron is a huge hater and super bummed he never made it in skating, he watches his own footy all day every day and does not have fun skating. (Edit: We are now up to at least 8 current employees and 1 former employee.) It resulted in a lively discussion (41 up votes in one day -, well, they are the kookiest kooks that ever kooked in kooktown. Which means you’re not an idiot, at the least. Pro skateboarder Aaron Kyro walks you through all the steps to go from a beginner to an advanced skater. 2020, One monthly payment for access to all courses, private Facebook group for skate support, live monthly Q&A sessions, email exclusives and more. I guess this means you are a toxic person? This is concerning. His personal, self-titled Instagram account earned more than 160,000 followers.

So, good job? 0 Members and 5 Guests are viewing this topic. His passion is teaching others to skateboard and achieve the fun, satisfaction and freedom he has found in the sport.

I thought it was great, really easy to follow and gave a really good foundation to build off. BRAILLE SKATE UNIVERSITY I learned a lot of things from this Editing Course, Gabe Cruz did such a great job at explaining and teaching how to use Adobe Premiere and now thanks to this course I have more knowledge about editing that will help me for my journey on creating beautiful videos.

Who gives a fuck about Braille? It's geared towards 12 year olds, you really expect anything other than surface level little kid content on any braille page?

IDK would anyone on here use it if it was half decent skate stuff and not just skate instagram 2.0?

They all have that odd sense of humor that nobody other than sheltered 13 year olds find funny, and all are overly positive all the fucking time, just like Scientologists are. Have you always wanted to learn to skateboard or do you want to improve your skills? What a sack of shit. Braille’s ties to Scientology go deeper than just Aaron Kyro. Aaron Kyro has been skateboarding for most of his life and has been a professionally sponsored skateboarder for many of those years. Ive always wondered if the rest of the Revive dorks are all Scientologistis as well. SLAP OG : Been around since SLAP was a mag. I would say we should organise a brigade of it but there's probably not enough people on here who use reddit. This plan comes with additional service available only to our monthly Braille University Members. Family Life Most of us know that Aaron Kyro is a Scientologist. Do you want to be part of an amazing community and have access to insider tools to really progress as a skater? We have courses that will teach you insider secrets for skating, filming, growing a social following and more!

Wack is wack, Braille and Revive represent a homogenized version of skating that turns it into something akin to T-ball. It's concerning if you're deeply concerned about them or their personal lives/families. Someone I know's dad was investigating them years ago and they repeatedly threatened him and eventually killed his fucking dog.

SIGN UP FOR THE $15/MO ALL ACCESS MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP. We will be adding new content monthly, including tutorials, live Q&A sessions and exclusive content not found on our YouTube channel.

Trivia. You will learn how to skate, film, edit videos & how to create and grow a YouTube channel. SUCCESS WITH BRAILLE SKATEBOARDING'S TEACHING METHODS. Fuck them. © she works at Braille now) are all Scientologists.

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