bravest warriors season 4 episode 1

Wallow's hanger reaches dangerous levels, forcing the Bravest Warriors to make a quick pit stop at the Planet Mart, where they are entrapped by the lure of consumerism. Danny has to do the crime time for time crimes, but finds an unlikely ally in the big house. But do the Courageous Battlers even want to be rescued? Bravest Warriors follows four teenaged heroes-for-hire as they warp through the universe to save adorable aliens and their worlds using the power of their emotions. When Danny crash lands on a desolate planet, he finds another shipwrecked crew's holo log to guide him through his survival, escape, and consumption of alien banan'ers. You've Grown So Tall, You've Grown So Fast, I'm Smitten, I'm Bitten, I'm Hooked, I'm Cooked, It Shouldn't Ever Have to End this Way - Part 1, It Shouldn't Ever Have to End this Way - Part 2, The Conscious Liberation of the Female State, Everybody's Coming, Leave Your Body at the Door, You're Walkin' Tough Baby But You're Walkin' Blind - Part 1, You're Walkin' Tough Baby But You're Walkin' Blind - Part 2, You're Walkin' Tough Baby But You're Walkin' Blind - Part 3, No Matter What the Future Brings - Part 1, No Matter What the Future Brings - Part 2, My favorite Animated TV series of all time.

The Bravest Warriors are called to do a no-brainer task at a Wankershim parade, but find it impossible to function or keep their memories straight - what gives?. When the Invisible Hideout's food synthesizer gains sentience, the BWs name it E.D.G.A.R. Danny creates a time machine that actually works. After Jenna and her gang infiltrate the Hideout, the Bravest Warriors must fight to reclaim their home and compel Chris to remember that he's on their side. But each of them causes their own kind of disaster, resulting in unexpected revelation. Rate. When Danny's girlfriend breaks up with him, he handles the painful emotions like a maturing young adult - by peddling them off to blackmarket Emotion Dealer for cash. After a big fight about some very uncool spoilers, the Bravest Warriors retreat to separate rooms to blow off steam. As Danny's new relationship with a super hot and totally legit girlfriend (he hasn't met in person) heats up, Beth can't figure out why Zachary Ryan is being so frosty. As Plum and Beth hit up the mall for a robo-modelling cattle call, Chris stumbles upon some difficult truths about Zachary Ryan.

Cartoons are for kids and Adults! With the Bravest Warriors trapped in a time loop and repeatedly devoured by a Timegobbler, it's up to Beth to find an end to the cycle while experiencing infinite colorful deaths.

Someone ate all the cupcakes. - in time for Beth's date with another guy. When the Bravest Warriors answer a distress call from a humanoid planet overrun by an evil mech race, they have no idea how their own smooshy secrets will come into play - or who they should be fighting for in the first place.

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