charif souki net worth

Charif has made over 113 trades of the Tellurian stock since 2004, according to the Form 4 filled with the SEC. Charif co-founded Tellurian and serves as Executive Chairman of the Board.

The oldest executive at Tellurian, Inc. is Dillon Ferguson, 72, who is the Independent Director. The estimated Net Worth of Charif Souki is at least $294 Million dollars as of 2 March 2020. Most recently he sold 17,988,677 units of TELL stock worth $27,522,676 on 2 March 2020. EAH


Most recently he sold 17,988,677 units of TELL stock worth $27,522,676 on 2 March 2020. The company was founded by Charif Souki and Martin Houston in 1957 and is headquartered in Houston, TX. Fintel's full text document search is like Google search for the SEC database. - LONDON (Reuters) - Dutch gas prices hit 10-year lows this week, reflecting high European inventories swelled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports, testing levels at which companies that committed to buy U.S. LNG will start making serious losses. Plus, Ukraine’s role in European gas supply, steel scrap prices as a bellwether for economies, and a milestone approaches for US LNG exports.

Mr. Souki founded Cheniere in 1996 and served as Chairman of the board of directors (2000–2015), Chief Executive Officer (2003–2015), and President (2003–2004 and 2008–2015) until December 2015. from Colgate University and an M.B.A. from Columbia University. Peers are determined by

There’s a new way for investors to bet on the miracle of American natural gas and the genius of Charif Souki. Charif Souki was born in 1953 in Cairo, Egypt. to the present day. Over the last 4 years, insiders at Tellurian have traded over $41,712,839 worth of Tellurian stock and bought 530,000 units worth $3,715,750 GEL, 2019-07-29 He was the highest-paid chief executive officer in the United States in 2013. Mr. Souki serves on the board of trustees of the American University of Beirut, as a member of the Advisory Board of the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University, and on the International Advisory Board for the Neurological Research Institute (NRI) at Texas Children’s Hospital. On average, Charif trades about 197,216 units every 37 days since 2003. For example, if an insider trade was made on January 1, 2019, the chart will show the daily percent change of the security There are 5 executives at Tellurian getting paid more, with Meg Gentle having the highest compensation of $727,749. CQP Mr. Souki founded Cheniere in 1996 and served as Chairman of the board of directors (2000–2015), Chief Executive Officer (2003–2015), and President (2003–2004 and 2008–2015) until December 2015. BMN, 2019-06-28 Prior to Cheniere, Mr. Souki was an investment banker. [4] He earned US$142 million in 2013,[5] making him the highest-paid CEO in the United States that year. There are 2 older and 10 younger executives at Tellurian. Charif Souki serves as Executive Chairman of the Board of the Company. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Cheniere Energy, an oil and gas company which specialized in liquefied natural gas.He was the highest-paid chief executive officer in the United States in 2013. LNG XOM LNG, 2019-06-03 Charif has made over 113 trades of the Tellurian stock since 2004, according to the Form 4 filled with the SEC.

LNG. GNE Peers of SOUKI CHARIF include the following: Abiteboul Jean, BAILEY VICKY A, BASSO DONALD V, BENSAUDE ERIC, BIA GP L.L.C., BIA GP L.P., BIF IV CYPRESS AGGREGATOR (DELAWARE) LLC, BIP Chinook Holdco L.L.C., BIP Holdings Manager L.L.C., BIP-V Chinook Holdco L.L.C., BMA VI L.L.C., BOTTA G ANDREA, BRANDOLINI NUNO, BROOKFIELD ASSET MANAGEMENT INC., BROOKFIELD INFRASTRUCTURE FUND IV GP LLC, BX CQP Common Holdco Holdings Manager L.L.C., BX CQP SuperHoldCo Holdings Manager L.L.C., BX CQP Target Holdco L.L.C., BX Rockies Platform Co Holdings Manager L.L.C., BX Rockies Platform Co LLC, Ball James Robert, Belhumeur Daniel, Blackstone CQP Common Holdco GP LLC, Blackstone CQP Common Holdco L.P., Blackstone CQP FinanceCo LP, Blackstone CQP Holdco GP, LLC, Blackstone CQP Holdco II GP LLC, Blackstone CQP Holdco LP, Blackstone EMA L.L.C., Blackstone Energy Management Associates L.L.C., Blackstone Group L.P., Blackstone Group Management L.L.C., Blackstone Holdings I/II GP Inc, Blackstone Holdings II L.P., Blackstone Holdings III GP L.P., Blackstone Holdings III GP Management L.L.C., Blackstone Holdings III L.P., Blackstone Infrastructure Associates L.P., Blackstone Management Associates VI L.L.C., Bock Michael E., Bosland Ltd, Brannum C Mark, Brookfield Asset Management Private Institutional Capital Adviser (Canada) LP, CARNEY KEITH F, CHENIERE ENERGY INC, CHRISTODORO JONATHAN, Cheniere Class B Units Holdings, LLC, Cheniere Energy Partners LP Holdings, LLC, Ciardiello Matthew Ryan, Claradon Investments Ltd, DEIDIKER JIM D, DEUTCH JOHN M, Davis Zach, ERIC FESTA, Evans Michele A, Ferguson Dillon, Feygin Anatol, Foley David, Foutch Randy A, Fusco Jack A, GLENCORE INTERNATIONAL AG, GRANMAYEH LANCE KIAN, GROSS JONATHAN S, GSO Credit Alpha Associates LLC, GSO Credit Alpha Fund AIV-2 LP, GSO Credit-A Associates LLC, GSO Credit-A Partners LP, GSO Holdings I LLC, GSO Palmetto Opportunistic Associates LLC, GSO Palmetto Opportunistic Investment Partners LP, Gentle Meg, Glencore AG, Glencore plc, Gluzman Vadim, Goodman Bennett J, HIGH RIVER LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, HOENMANS PAUL J, Henderson Wallace C., Houston Martin, ICAHN CARL C, ICAHN PARTNERS LP, ICAHN PARTNERS MASTER FUND LP, Israel Robert I, Jaylet Jean, KESSLER DIANA DERYCZ, KILPATRICK DAVID B, Klimczak Sean, Kobiashvili Zurab S, LANGHAM ANDREW, LEHOTSKY Ed, LIPINSKI JOHN J, Lafargue Antoine Jean, MATHER COURTNEY, MCCAIN ELLIS L, MCCANN WALTER, MERKSAMER SAMUEL J., MacMillan Brendan S, Markowitz Sean N, Meier Philip, Mollah Robert, Munfa John-Paul, Murski Mark Wilhelm, Novolink Investments Ltd, One Stone Energy Partners GP, L.L.C., One Stone Holdings II LP, PAGANO VINCENT JR, PEAK SCOTT BENNETT, PETTIROSSI RONALD, PHARO MILAM RANDOLPH, Partners Ltd, Pertin Investment Ltd, Peterson Brooke, Pipkin Katie, RICHARD OLIVER G III, RRJ CAPITAL LTD, RRJ Capital Master Fund I, L.P., Rayford Greg W., Robillard Donald F JR, SCHWARZMAN STEPHEN A, SHANDA DOUG, SHEAR NEAL A, Sharafeldin Khaled, Sin Ong Tiong, Smith J Albert III, Smith Jerry D., Sopak AG, Souki Family 2016 Trust, Stephenson Aaron D., Sutcliffe Robert J, TOTAL Delaware, Inc., TRAVIS LEONARD, TURKLESON DON A, Teague R Keith, Thames Howard Davis, WEST J ROBINSON, WILLIAMS WALTER L, Welch Jamie, Wortley Michael J, Zichal Heather, wilson j thomas, .

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