Red-throated Loon, prebasic (#1 of 2) Red-throated Loon, prebasic (#2 of 2) Red-throated Loon, juv. Their migratory patterns are scattered, inconsistent, and difficult to track. Canada Geese can stand upright and frequently walk on land. But the sun is still shining, the ferries are running, and this time of year makes the village pretty quiet and still.

Pelicans can be spotted in estuaries and mangrove inlets in Florida and Louisiana, and they are commonly seen from Maryland all the way down to Venezuela, and from southern California through southern Equador. Loons winter south of the Mason Dixon line and migrate to all points of Canada, Alaska and even farther north.

A couple of exceptions come from Killdeers and Plovers. Loons, during winter, look similar to Cormorants in color, but are comparable in size and shape to ducks. Loons like this area of the world too, especially during the winter.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the loon chick stages. In summer months Loons have black and white scalloped plumage and are most commonly seen in Canada. Their feet stick out beyond the tail (unlike ducks and cormorants… I therefore dedicate the Pelican paragraph and photos to my mom. © Copyright - Loon Preservation Committee. Over Halloween weekend we had a Nor-Wester, or something to that effect, during the Pirate Jamboree, and after a few days of mild temperatures, the cooler winds from the north have returned. Double-crested Cormorants have similar habits as Pelicans, but they tend to move around in flocks of hundreds or thousands. Atom White Ibises, who prefer the saltmarsh habitat over the ocean, are also present here, and can be observed in good-sized flocks. Juvenile loons (chicks older than 8-weeks) and immature loons (2nd year birds that occasionally summer on lakes) may be mistaken for female common mergansers.

Loons are very sensitive to sounds and disturbances from humans, so if you see any admire them from a distance. Common Loons have 1-2 chicks. Pelicans, Cormorants, and Loons!

while we were on family vacations on the east coast. These coastal, ocean-loving birds are excellent at catching fish, which is pretty convenient considering that’s their main source of food, but their migratory patterns may come as a surprise. I can't comment on the canoes, as I don't know them, but I sure enjoy seeing your pictures! During the winter their feathers become a dark grey and they can be spotted all over the U.S., mainly while migrating.

MOHAWK NOVA 17 CANOE REVIEW AND A MORNING PADDLE O... CANOE INFORMATION AND THIS MORNING'S OBSERVATIONS. Loons in flight resemble plump geese with seagulls ' wings that are relatively small in proportion to their bulky bodies. Another waterbird that is sometimes confused with a loon is the Canada Goose.

Its shape is best described as “dagger like.” The bill of the Double Crested Cormorant is hooked and is yellow with an orange patch of the base. Pelicans are also notorious for perching on just about anything, waiting for fish scraps, and they will not hesitate to follow fishing boats in the hopes of receiving a meal. Bill shape: Common Loons have long, sharp, black bills. Their color change can confuse them with Cormorants but, as I mentioned previously, they are shaped and sized more like ducks. Pelicans and Seagulls are frequently seen flying amongst flocks of Cormorants, and while each type of bird flies in their own specific flock formation, they all coexist in one large movement. Cooler temperatures have brought out coats, flannels, and long pants.

I enjoy writing short stories also and do so while out in the forests or on the lakes.

You probably aren't likely to see them on the beach, but if you go through any saltmarsh areas or where rain water has collected, there is a strong chance you'll see some. In New Hampshire, geese nest earlier than loons, so most Canada Goose chicks have already hatched by late spring. This blog is a visual record of my outings into the streams, lakes and forests of Tennessee and North Carolina by canoe, motor boat and motorcycle. The Canada Goose has a white cheek patch on its face. Loons can thrive in areas with salt or fresh water, and will set up camp along rivers, lakes, estuaries, and coast lines. Some of the only shore birds that truly migrate for the winter months are those located along the coast north of Maryland. Common loons have larger bodies with a shorter, thicker neck and head. ). Behavior: Common Loons cannot walk upright and only go on land when nesting or injured. Canada geese have long, slender necks. On numerous occassions I have seen White Ibises at the Ocracoke Lighthouse after a good rain.

Characteristics that help to differentiate between Double-crested Cormorants and Common Loons include: Body and head shape: Double-crested Cormorants have slender bodies with a long neck.

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