femaru m37 magazine

I ran 32 acp through both mags with no problems but one day I took it out with the 380 barrel and found only one of the mags would run 380. Jon has done radio, television, magazine and newspaper interviews on various issues, and has traveled extensively, having lived in Britain, Australia, China and Hong Kong. You can see this little Luftwaffe. CALIBER – .32ACP These have a “C-” before the six digit serial number). I think they're a great bargain because they shoot great. The Model 37 was based on an original design by Hungarian engineer Rudolf Frommer, the Frommer Stop (also known in three variants as the Pisztoly 12M, 19M and 35M). There were five variants of the P37: the first was identical to the Hungarian M37 except chambered for the 7.65mm Browning Short; the second was made for the Luftwaffe and is fitted with a manual safety catch much like that fitted to a Colt 1911, in addition to the grip safety. OVERALL LENGTH – 6.8″ You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. And so, they look like Africa Corps gear. Tan (+$17.50) A minor, but interesting difference between the standard 37M an the C-prefix 37M is that the spelling of FÉG's name on most, but not all of the C-prefix 37M pistols was 'FÉMÁRÚ-' instead of 'FÉMÁRU-', also 'FEGYVER' is shown as The ones with the tropical belt, they went to the Africa Corps. (Picture courtesy Rock Island Auction). He has studied the Japanese sword arts and has a long history of involvement in the shooting sports, which has included authoring submissions to government on various firearms related issues and assisting in the design and establishment of shooting ranges. 1) They were early manufacture (1937) for prototype / testing purpose.

Barrel: 110mm (4.33″) with four groove, right hand twist rifling. more info Quick view Add to Cart. In order to shop on this Web store, you must have JavaScript enabled. His travels have taken him to Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan and a number of other countries. Look at the back of this thing, has never, has not even, I don't even want this shot it because this thing was never used, never issued, and you can see the Luftwaffe proof on the back. After close examination I found that the feed lips on the 380 mag were slightly wider, other than that there is no difference. Enter your email address to subscribe to Revivaler and never miss a new post. Frommer 29M's were manufactured for military trial for training purposes in 1933. So, for a new collector, it's a great place to start. OVERALL LENGTH – 6.8″ LENGTH OF MAGAZINE – 3.6″ A modification of the model 29 designed by Rudolph von Frommer, pistols marked Femaru were made both in .380 and .32 by Femaru Fegyver es Gepgyar, R.T. Budapest, Hungary. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The Model 37 was based on an original design by Hungarian engineer Rudolf Frommer, the Frommer Stop (also known in three variants as the Pisztoly 12M, 19M and 35M). A modification of the model 29 designed by Rudolph von Frommer, pistols marked Femaru were made both in .380 and .32 by Femaru Fegyver es Gepgyar, R.T. Budapest, Hungary. (For complete grammatical correctness a space should be shown after each dash.) Frommer 37M Large Detailed Assembly Drawing An original one I have seen for sale states this is for the 7.65 will not fit 9mm. Femaru 37M - .32acp - 10rd Extended Magazine, Femaru 37M - .32acp 8rd Extended Magazine. And if that's not cool enough, we check this out.

$29.95 more info Quick view. That way we'll send you notification when we do something new or click one of these buttons for recommended videos. Hot Pink (+$17.50) Media related to FEG 37M at Wikimedia Commons; This pistol-related article is a stub. Jeff. (non-P08) Pistols & Holsters. Both models used a 7- round single stack magazine with a spur at the base which extended the pistol’s grip. The spelling of 'FÉMÁRÚ-' and 'FEGYVER-' are identical to the late model Frommer 29M, which gives more weight to the prototype theory 1) mentioned above. More info on 29M As can be seen in the above video the barrel of the Model 37 is locked to the frame of the pistol by four small lugs under the chamber area. Again, they were made between 1938 and 1945. 'FEGYVER-' with the dash. Might even be a few in the sheet thickness - which I find hard to believe.

So, thirty thousand of these went to the Luftwaffe. The German contract mags general cost more from my experience. Quality is generally very good. 2) A small manufacturing run for civilian use. Was the magazine for the M37 Femaru 7.65/32 and the 9mm/380 the same for both calibers? So that's a Luftwaffe proof. German guns are marked “jhv”, the German code identification for this factory. And of course, that became the axis powers. They also added this safety lever. The original was made for commercial sale and Hungarian service use. New 8rd extended aftermarket magazine for Femaru 37M in .32acp.

The other variants were the same as the Lufwaffe model but with different markings. So, when the pistol is cocked, it just pops up. The forty-one has a higher polished finish, the forty-three is a little bit duller, but it works exactly the same. More commonly found on wartime Hungarian military rifles. They are very much loved by the pilots. None If you look at a map here, you can see how they're strategically, right in the middle of everything for war were to end the Nazi empire. Femaru 29M with cocking grips pinned to the rear of the slide (source) In 1941, Nazi Germany negotiated a contract for 50,000 37M pistols for use by the Luftwaffe. That's a Luftwaffe proof, the L2, what they call the eagle L2 proof, there's a little two under there. They're very similar. They are highly collectible and, as long as they’re in good condition, enjoyable to shoot. Please call us or email us to set up a time to stop by. Lavender (+$17.50)

For you, colt lovers out there, I apologize, but I have a hard time taking this thing apart. Thirty thousand of them in nineteen forty-one. There's an explanation there, by serial number.

(Picture courtesy Rock Island Auction). Discussion Starter • #1 • 11 mo ago. Once cookies are enabled please refresh the current page.

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