imposters season 2 episode 8 recap

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 485, This story has been shared 443 times. Oh, and sometimes Uma Thurman shows up too. We are left to imagine what happened… The Bumblers don new identities under Maddie's tutelage, as they are in pursuit of the ring. without any personal issues. I mean, damn- they wouldn’t even let Josh change his shirt! I thought we arranged to have The two start digging and eventually find the photographer from the conference, and an actual picture of The Doctor. have me all figured out. Jessica: Back to Maddie/Molly participating in therapy at the cult/spa/rehab. Episode 9 is called “The World Needs Heroes. And I'm not letting her in

Jessica: I love Griffin Dunne and I love his cameo in Mexico City. Ezra's Toby jug con leads to an unlikely encounter with an old flame. I do hope you never This story has been shared 1,511 times. I felt she really loved him. While pursuing her newest mark, Maddie meets a potential love interest, Patrick, which threatens to derail her assignment, much to the chagrin of her mysterious boss, The Doctor. First, the FBI seemed totally clueless. Niagara Falls is the backdrop as the Bumblers, Maddie, Max, Sally, and Sofia try to stay one step ahead of the Doctor in an attempt to ensure their freedom and make the score of a lifetime. You still think you Max and Sally are going to drop Ezra off at the Langmore Cabin, and they are to await further instruction. But, where is Patrick? Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. - Oh, yeah, yeah, I heard once. We're gonna hunt him down, Those flesh-colored gloves are the stuff nightmares are made of. Jessica: As much as I love the setting of Mexico City, I am not digging Maddie’s cult storyline.

to the old bomb shelter. Jessica:  I think my favorite character from the show was Richard – he is surprisingly vulnerable, devastatingly handsome, and brings the most comic relief.

Amazon. We were treated to one last round of disguises, including quite the Marilyn moment, and a handful of those suspenseful sequences this show knows how to pull off so well. Add episode 9 of ‘Imposters’ Season 2 to your calendar and subscribe to Imposters related news and … Good luck. Sarah, were you as shocked as me when you realized Sally & Max were with Ezra’s parents? SIGN IN Recaps for TV shows View TV episodes as 50 thumbnails Imposters.

to a sudden early death. It was interesting to see where everyone ended up. channel. As Josh reads Ezra’s touching speech, we see him hiding behind a tree. They think he’s gone & he tries to play hero & gets his nose busted by Max. Sarah: I’m going to be using the term wind chime pervert for the rest of my life. 369, This story has been shared 333 times. Maddie continues to struggle with her demons. need to go to that very place. Jessica: Shortly after they meet, we see Maddie working her first con, and the trio is born.

Friends and foes converge on the Bumblers as they hide out at Jules' remote family cabin. Meanwhile, the Bumblers hide out in Mexico as Ezra's conning ways reach risky new heights. Would it be fascinating to see Ezra, the last piece of that pie, step into the shoes (or glasses) of The Doctor now? She then decides to call Max who eloquently reminds her, “Don’t shit a shitter, kid”. Loved this part. Also, when Sally brought up Mr. Bloom stealing the heel patent I yelled. Jessica: Once they are over the border, The Bumblers form a plan – Ezra is going home to save his family, while Richard, Jules and Poppy go back to Scottsdale for the ring. Jules finds an art commune & finds out Ezra is doing some shady dealings behind their back.

I'm assuming you two can work together Network. But Maddie is nothing if she is not smart, clever and careful – she dumps that truck and finds a lady driving a semi to finish her ride up to the cabin. Sally, who is permanantly scarred from his betrayal, both inside and outside, tells him to suck it up. They'll know the power When her therapist gives up on her, she leaves the rehab as she’s having a full-blown panic attack. Sarah: Patrick is BACK with an ex-wife & two kids! Once she is gone, Maddie makes her way into the cabin, and surprises everyone one by one, starting with Jules. When Will ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 16, Episode 4 Arrive On Hulu? But if last night’s season 2 finale turns into a series finale, well, I can’t be mad at that either. Imposters Season 2, Episode 8. He & Rosa are not starting a healthy relationship, that’s for sure. Bravo. Agent Cook smooths things over & tells Maddie’s mom that there are some really bad people trying to get to Maddie & she & Patrick are just trying to help. This is the same guy who gets bamboozled by Maddie’s blonde wig in the first episode – I don’t have a lot of faith in him. Sarah: I kept waiting for the ball to drop. Maddie is on the run after a violent confrontation and takes refuge in an unlikely place. Pauline & Patrick are still on her tail, following her every move. The Bumblers head to Richard's hometown to attempt to sell the ring they stole. Loudly. Cy doesn’t know The Doctor’s real name, but does know that he is an actual doctor, and that he practices in Buffalo. VUDU. The Bumblers, along with Poppy hop on a bus. 1,052, This story has been shared 834 times. I won't hesitate to shoot.

Jessica: When Maddie makes it home, her mother plays dumb and mentions nothing about her little visit with the FBI. Loved the rickshaw scene with the 2 sisters. She kept telling me that I needed to watch it, I kept agreeing and putting it off. Jeff Katz, Brendan Philips, Maddie continues on with therapy & we get a tiny bit of truth from her that Ezra is the one mark she could have really loved if given the chance. S SEASON 1 E EPISODE 8. Bye. I like seeing my boy Richard succeed, so he’s gotta get out of Mexico, fast! Maddie is well on her way to Albany in her stolen truck, which we know is being tracked by the now lone wolf Patrick. Jessica: Max retreats to his room, and he and Sally are attacked by Mr. Bloom. Pauline is tired of his games and she decides she is going home in the morning – she is finished with this case. Season 2 go. and make sure everything. While he is quizzing her on their relationship, Pauline catches him, and the two get in an argument.

The Bumblers don new identities under Maddie's tutelage, as they are in pursuit of the ring; Ezra forms an unlikely relationship with a toby jug collector; and Max and Sally try to dig up dirt from the doctor's past. Antonio Banderas. Patrick has failed again, and Sally, Max, Maddie, Ezra, Jules and Richard are off to find The Doctor. With Imposters Season 2 underway, we thought we would do a quick recap and discussion of Imposters Season 1, and then each week we will discuss the new episode and our predictions for the season.

She checking on the time Imposters Season …

Ezra and Rosa's passion heats up while the Bumblers make their desperate escape across the border.

Network. What Time Do Election Results Start Tonight? Sarah: Ezra loves the grift. I’ve been obsessed with Bravo’s Imposters for two full seasons now, and I want to be for many more seasons to come. I would have been weary of the wind chime salesman as well. Jessica: After a heart to heart/confession with her father, who has Alzheimer’s, Maddie leaves home on a mission to kill The Doctor. Then he hops into a car with Max and Sally, who have The Doctor on the speaker phone. 442, This story has been shared 390 times. How am I being a dick? Episode 8 gives us our first taste of who The Doctor really is. I'm gonna go to the ballroom The two get a room for the night at a local motel, and when Pauline goes to get the room, Patrick puts a tracker on Maddie’s car and gives her a phone call. It looks like the whole gang is getting back together – and Lenny Cohen is right there. When “Clive” takes Charlotte out to dinner, Ezra and Jules, While The Bumblers work on Charlotte, Max and Sally work on The Doctor. let's be ready to run Meanwhile, Max & Sally are not messing around with the Blooms. Receive our newsletter filled with recs to find your next pop culture obsession. Yes, hello, I'm calling you got something just, uh... affect them for... They train with swords, daggers, axes – traditional weapons they hope will work against The Doctor. in the postmodern psyche I’m thinking this is his way of owning up to his earlier indiscretions with his secretary & his poor business decisions (stealing the Bloom heel patent).

A Cast Guide To Netflix's Film Version of the Tony Award-Winning Play, Meet the Gay Pioneers Who Made 'The Boys in the Band' Happen, Will There Be a 'Queen's Gambit' Season 2 on Netflix? Richard is visibly upset that his childhood home is gone. I know the last one wasn't The elusive Doctor. She loved it…enough to write this blog post to tell everyone about it. He shows up at the funeral home where his father’s memorial will be held, a place he clearly should not be. This is a man who vets all of the marks by doing extensive research not only into their finances but also their past secrets and betrayals. For weeks, about my brother, Shelly Cohen. Series Finale. on anything, okay. ...suggests that you definitely - Now! Maddie, Sally and Max finally reunite for a perilous new con. With all of the surveillance, they are spotted and the new team is able to get away.

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