kubota l2900 won 't start

Inspect the vacuum line for any damage or cracking and replace it if necessary. If the gas in the tank is old or contaminated, you should not put it back in the tank after cleaning the valve. Clicking this will make more experts see the question and we will remind you when it gets answered. Wipe the plug clean and put it back in. If your ATV doesn’t crank at all when you’re trying to start it, there are a few basic things to look into. I know the wires work; they are a bit corroded so I'm feeling like they aren't getting sufficient current through. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This little metal part is designed to break to protect other engine components. JavaScript is disabled. Fuel filters are cheap and easy to replace, so it’s worth doing if you suspect that something is disrupting fuel flow. You may need a set of large pliers to remove the ring as they tend to bind. Also, make sure all of the power wires going from the battery to the solenoid are correctly connected and not corroded. If your fully charged battery drops below 11,5 volts under load (while you crank the starter), it needs to be replaced.

The red lead goes to the starter side of the solenoid. Battery is fully charged , fuses are all good, new starter relay, and main switch. Hope this simple thing helps you! Replace the plug with a new one according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If the hazards are on I hear some clicking (relay?) Water trapped inside the spark-plug booth may cause a short that will prevent the ATV from starting. You will need to pump it several times for it to have any effect. Turn over the engine to see if gas is coming through the fuel line. Checking and adjusting the valve clearance on an ATV is not that hard to learn, but it is recommended that you ask for guidance from someone more experienced the first time you do this job. You will also need to address the cause for your dirty carburetor, or it will clog up the next time you ride. If the voltage drops too low, the battery won’t have enough charge to start the bike.

You will find the proper steps for troubleshooting an ATV that is not getting a spark further down this post. Print this page; Share this page × Ad. If the ATV starts with the electric starter, it should start with a pull starter as-well. ATV Won’t Start – Troubleshooting the Most Common Causes, ATV Overheating (Symptoms, Causes and How to Prevent), ATV Won’t Shut off – The 5 Most Common Causes. Cracks in the fuel line may cause the pump to suck false air into the tube instead of gas. Locate the pump by tracing the line coming from the gas tank. The gauge should follow the pulses. Click this link for instructions: https://seafoamsales.com/uploads/2018/12/HOW2_Gummed-Up-Carburetor.pdf. As long as the spark plug is providing a bright blue spark, and fuel is entering the cylinder, you may suspect that your compression is not good enough. Use a fully charged battery, and a set of jumper cables to test if the starter will spin as it’s supposed to. First, you should use the positive lead to connect the positive battery terminal with the positive (red) starter cable. Not all ATVs have one, but if yours has a primer pump, you should use it to pump fuel back into the carb manually. Remove the rocker cover and make sure the valve clearance is according to spec. So I took the cables in to Lowe's to replace them, but they didn't really have a cable matching the gauge of the cable and the strands.

After ruling out a bad battery, it’s recommended to have further troubleshooting done by a mechanic. Replace any fuel filters as well as they are likely just as dirty as the carb. If you don’t get a reading, you need to trace the wiring back to your battery to wind where the connection is broken.

Be careful so that you don’t damage any of the fragile plastic components as you remove the pump assembly. Test them with a multimeter or a simple test light when hooked up will tell you where you have and/or don't have power. Will Bigger Tires Make an ATV Faster? Check for unplugged or damaged wires in the wire harness.

Not all ATVs have serviceable fuel filters, but some do. Set the meter to 200.000. Many ATVs are designed not to start when in gear as a safety precaution. If the switch was hot, then most likely its burned up. Fuel needs to be replaced with air as it gets pumped out and used. The timing mark layout will be different from model to model. Starters may wear out due to old age, or they may go bad from a busted seal that will allow oil or water to get inside of the starter. The screen or filter is one component of the complete full fuel pump assembly, located inside the tank. A test light will cost you less than ten bucks, a cheap multimeter can be found for less than 15. Most gas tanks will have a removable drain plug or on/off switch at the bottom.

This guide will help you troubleshoot the most common causes for an ATV that won’t start. The problem ended up being the cables. Leave the choke wide open to allow maximum flow.

If the pump is still not working, you may need to replace it.

Why replace the wires willy nilly if you are not sure they are the problem?

I think I have a bad ignition switch…..any suggestions? As an alternative method, you can use a piece of cable to jump your solenoid. Too little air will cause an overly rich mixture, which may result in symptoms as the ones you experience. What happens is connectors get warm, loosen and start arcing. Today, he moved a bale of hay for me and backed it out of the enclosure. Grab the plug wire and hold the plug about 1/8th of an inch away from the cylinder head. Check the Fuses. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please feel free to contact me. The negative pressure pulls fuel in, while positive pressure pushes fuel out.

This job may not be for everyone.

If it breaks, your bike’s timing will be off immediately. The best way to test an electric fuel pump is by measuring the fuel pressure at the fuel rail. You’ve just installed a new battery, but the ATV still won’t start. The fuel pump will need some time to suck up fuel after the bike has run completely dry.

Inside there are check-valves that may get suck if dirt enters the pump. You can get one for cheap at most auto supply stores. They are run by vacuum/pressure pulses created in the crankcase. Make sure the battery is installed correctly. If the spark seems weak, the problem may be with the pick-up coil. Trace the fuel line all the way from the fuel tank to the carburetor. Clean that all up with a baking soda and water solution till the corrosion is all gone then install a new end, finally seal it all up with Vaseline to prevent corrosion happening again! Put a test light across the connection you are testing as you activate the starter. I didn't know how well that would work; they also didn't have the crimps for the other end of the cable where they attach to the starter/engine.

Pulled seat off and replaced, do not see any type of safety switch. If you washed the bike while it was running, it might have sucked water into the carbs. Any excess gas will escape through the spark plug hole.

If the tractor has sat for a while, the lights will work. A solenoid that is working correctly will provide an audible click as you activate the starter. Thanks for everyone's help! You should get a voltage reading of 12V or more. You may need to replace your spark plug to get going again.

Also, if your ATV has a tether pull cord style kill switch, make sure it is connected properly. There is also a rubber diaphragm that may stretch or crack over time. There is 12v to the ignition switch (red wire), but the black wire w/ red stripe (goes from ignition switch to starter relay) only has .9 - 1.0 v at starter relay and ignition switch. If fuel does not flow freely, you need to remove the valve to clean it.

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