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4 ¶C. 2, ¶D.4. Traveling to U.S. to Monitor/Investigate Investment—An investor is not necessarily precluded from obtaining a B-2 visa to travel to the U.S. to examine and monitor his investment as long as he establishes the qualifications for the visa and does not intend to AOS if I-526 is approved. The receiver eventually recouped millions of dollars in the project, repaid certain investors who were conditional residents and obtained court approval to allow others through the new commercial enterprise to redeploy the recovered funds in a new job creating investment.

Whistleblowing—West v. Seldon Techs., Inc., No. Zhu v. Deng, 794 S.E.

The CR “created or can be expected to create within a reasonable time 10 full-time jobs for qualifying employees,” 8 CFR §216.6(a)(4)(iv); 6 USCIS-PM, Pt. G, Ch.


Order Modifying the Court’s Asset Freeze Order (Apr. 6 USCIS-PM, Pt. 06063013. As a result defendants were required to disgorge profits in the amount of $1,268,000 plus prejudgment interest of $468,012.

8 CFR §103.8(b).

Heavily Weighted Negative Factors—22 CFR §40.41(a)(8)(i). 11050462. Washington, DC 20005.

USCIS, Instructions to Form I-212 at pp.1-2; 9 FAM 302.11-4(D). Standing—In V. Real Estate Grp., Inc. v. USCIS, 85 F.Supp.3d 1200 (D. Nev. 2015), the court found that a franchisor, new commercial enterprises (NCE) based upon the franchisor’s business plan, and the individual investors had standing to contest the revocation of the investors’ I-526 approvals. Policy Memo (May 30, 2013), supra at 22-23; see also Instructions to I-924.

Quarters are calculated based on the amount of income earned during the course of the year, rather than the actual number of days worked within a given quarter. Matter of A-O-C- at 2. The termination of a regional center constitutes a material change for the I-526 associated with that center. The affidavit is enforceable by the sponsored person, the local, state or federal government, or any agency providing a means-tested public benefit until the sponsored immigrant is: (1) naturalized; (2) ceases to be an LPR and departs the U.S.; (3) obtains a new grant of AOS in a removal proceeding; (4) has earned or been credited with 40 qualifying quarters under Title II of the Social Security Act (approx. G, Ch. USCIS must make the same determinations for those I-829s that are pending if the investor had an approved I-526 between Jan. 1, 1995 and Aug. 31, 1998.

6748 (HB) (S.D.N.Y.

Kurzbans Immigration Law Sourcebook, 15th Edition: Ira J. Kurzban: : Books. SEC Enforcement Actions—See ¶ R.2.1, supra. But changes to pre-Nov. 21, 2019 petitions that are made to comply with securities laws based upon regulatory changes effective Nov. 21, 2019 will not result in a denial or revocation under certain conditions. 6.2. 1985) [test applied to former §243(h)]; U.S. v. Arrieta, 224 F.3d 1076 (9th Cir. It also includes state means-tested benefits.

Ayala v. Sessions, 855 F.3d 1012, 1020-21 (9th Cir. 1917)»; «Ex Parte Hosaye Sakaguchi, 277 F. 913, 916 (9th Cir. 2.1. B, Ch. 4 ¶C. Sadeghzadeh v. USCIS, 322 F.Supp.3d 12 (D.D.C. D, Ch. I visa holder may be employed by a U.S. branch office or U.S. subsidiary of the foreign company provided his or her activities are conducted principally for the benefit of the foreign-based media. 2.3. INA §213A(a)(3)(B)(i). 98072291. The joint sponsor’s household income must equal at least 125% of the Poverty Guidelines for the joint sponsor’s household size unless he is on active duty in the Armed Forces and the immigrant is his spouse or child, in which case, he need only have income equal to 100% of the Poverty Guidelines. The rule is not binding on DOJ (IJs/BIA) and not binding on DOS, although “it is DHS’s understanding that DOS will update its FAM to ensure consistency with the DHS rule.” 84 FR at 41315. [distinguishing between direct investment and expenses in employment generating enterprise and indirect investment through company whose sole purpose is to attract investors].

Current instructions require that an amendment must be filed (and therefore an I-526 petition may not be approved until the amendment is approved) when a regional center is seeking a change to (i) its name, ownership or organizational structure; (ii) its oversight and reporting responsibilities; (iii) to add or remove the principals of the center immediately following changed circumstances; or (iv) its geographic area. 10. See also 8 CFR §236.3(c), 45 CFR §410.700, 84 FR at 44424-26 [determination based upon a “reasonable person” standard and the “totality of the circumstances”]; 84 FR at 44472-74 [totality of the circumstances as criteria]. Minor investors I-526 petitions may be valid if the law where the subscription documents are executed provides that a parent or legal guardian/representative may execute the documents for the minor and that the minor may not, in the future, void the agreement.

Listing—A listing of regional centers can be found at www.uscis.gov/eb-5centers. USCIS takes the position that 10 jobs must be retained for each investor, Evidence that he or she is a corporate officer or director; or. If USCIS, during 2-year CR period, determines that the investor did not make a qualifying investment under INA §216A(b)(1) because: 1.2.

Petitioner must establish that the investment comes from accounts under his name. AILA's Immigration Practice Essentials Combo 2020, Heightened Screening and Vetting of Applications for Visas and Other Immigration Benefits, Public Charge and Affidavits of Support Changes, End of Certain Categorical Parole Programs, IJ’s Authority to Terminate Proceedings under, Changing Guidance on Prosecutorial Discretion and the Secure Communities Program, TPS Terminations for Sudan, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, Redefined Rules Regarding Special Immigrant Juveniles, Changing Standards Regarding the Issuance of NOIDs and RFEs, Buy American, Hire American Executive Order.

1.1. 2. Household size also includes: (1) any other person (whether or not related to the sponsor) whom the sponsor has claimed as a dependent in the most recent tax year, even if he or she does not reside with the sponsor; (2) all persons sponsored previously where the obligation has not terminated; and (3) all persons currently sponsored. But see Cable, 06-State-051172, supra at ¶4 [the delay between the date of signing the I-864 and the date of the visa interview should not be a basis to request updated information]. 2, ¶A.2. Judicial review is subject to the arbitrary and capricious standard. The 10 jobs should be created within the 2-year CR period or “within a reasonable time” thereafter.


DD is empowered to hold I-829 denial and give CR opportunity to file a new I-526. 47 Interpreter Releases 1654, 1675 (Dec. 11, 1995). Lesson Plan, RAIO, Safe Third Country Threshold Screening (May 9, 2013), Sec. K, Ch.

Relevant documentation may include Form I-9, tax or payroll records or if the jobs are not yet in existence, a comprehensive business plan demonstrating how many jobs will be created and when…” 6 USCIS-PM, Pt.

The analysis must be supported by economically and statistically valid forecasting tools, including, but not limited to, feasibility studies, analyses of foreign and domestic markets for the goods or services to be exported (if any) and/or multiplier tables. 8 CFR §1003.42(d)(3). 45 CFR §410.810(b). (a) Film production/distribution unless film is informational or educational.

DHS may release a minor to a parent or legal guardian or to an adult relative (brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or grandparent) in its “unreviewable discretion.” 8 CFR §236.3(j)(5).

Wis. Apr.

B. Operations, USCIS, HQOPRD 70/2 (Feb. 16, 2005), AILA Doc. 84 FR at 55001.

USCIS however takes the position that “if the inputs into the input-output model reflect jobs created directly at the new commercial enterprise or job-creating entity, USCIS requires the investor to demonstrate that the direct jobs input is reasonable. with the following: 2.d. Matter of Soffici, 22 I&N Dec. 158, 162–63 (AC 1998); 6 USCIS-PM, Pt. It can include promissory notes to the NCE as long as the promise is adequately secured by assets the immigrant investor owns, the investor is personally and primarily liable for the debt, the secured assets are not assets of the new commercial enterprise, and additional requirements are met. INA §213A(a)(1)(A), 8 USC §1183a(a)(1)(A).

Va. 2017) [due process rights of the minor in ORR custody for over two years were violated and court ordered immediate release to his mother as a remedy]. 14111359 [finding that defendants failed to comply with paragraph 12A of the agreement in the Rio Grande Sector of CBP in regard to providing children adequate food, clean drinking water, sanitary conditions, temperature control in what many call the hieleras (iceboxes), and sleeping conditions as well as other provisions and directing defendants to pick a Juvenile Coordinator pursuant to paragraph 24A of the agreement].

Matter of Stockwell, 20 I&N Dec. 309 (BIA 1991) [marriage to new USC].

of DHS to reinstate the petition, who must determine it is appropriate for humanitarian reasons, and the beneficiary must demonstrate she has a substitute sponsor designated under the Act.

(3) SEC v. Yang, et al, Case No.

For application of public charge by visa category and status see 84 at 41336-46 at Tables 2-5. See also 56 FR 60897. Policy Memo (Interim), USCIS, PM 602-0040, Changes in Standard Timeframes for Applicants or Petitioners to Respond to Requests for Evidence, (July 7, 2011), AILA Doc. 4.2. The state juvenile courts must rely on state law and procedure and not look to the provisions of the INA to determine abuse, neglect or abandonment. Indirect jobs include the employees of the producers of materials, equipment and services that are used in the new commercial enterprise or the job-creating enterprise. IPO Manual at 141. As U.S. immigration law has evolved over time, so has Kurzban's.

6 USCIS-PM, Pt. Asylum is also not barred if the person: (1) applied in the third country and received a “final judgment denying the alien protection in such country;” (2) is a “victim of a severe form of trafficking” defined in 8 CFR §214.11; or (3) the transit countries were not parties to the UN Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees.

Sexual Harassment—HHS has also set forth standards to prevent, detect and respond to sexual abuse and sexual harassment involving unaccompanied minor children in the care of ORR.

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