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You can obtain these material items from the expedition or by playing the secret realm mode. Check out Langrisser Mobile guide, tips, cheats & strategies. This skill is perhaps what makes him very valuable as it opens up a lot of strategic opportunities to win fights faster or even turn the tide of battle with carefully strategized moves. You can increase the hero stats by equipping the gears; weapon, armor, helmet, and the accessory. You can obtain some great rewards from these random chests. Langrisser is based on a long-running video game series that dates back to 1981. – Use your hero skills at the right time. You progress through the chapter route, unlock new features, heroes, soldiers, class, and explore a vast Langrisser world. In short, you can attack an enemy if he/she is on the red tile. It goes without saying that he will wear out his usefulness a little later on in the game when you acquire more heroes, but compared to other heroes of the same rarity level, Lester is probably the most unique and can offer some strength that the rest of the R-class bunch may not be able to provide. 122An SOS to some old friends (former members, come chat). Langrisser Mobile global English version is now officially out after the beta test conducted in last year. Blast is a passive skill which gives Matthew a 20% chance to take an extra turn. Ledin sports the best HP and DEF values compared with any other hero and his skills for defense as well as offense is top class. On max health, hero attack 20 times and each troop thats alive attack 2 times, and each attack determined by simple atk-def or magic-mdef , times the skill damage modifier - target's damage reduction modifier.

Unfortunately, with no real reason to go for rerolls and a lot of grinding involved to get Trinity Vouchers which guarantee heroes, progress won’t be that fast. These would be our tips and tricks for fellow Langrisser players. These EXP potions grant Experience points to the player.

Harassment is not allowed so do try to keep whatever remarks you may have civil. Join a guild ASAP We will update this Langrisser Mobile tier list with more details soon.

Langrisser is an amazing RPG game for mobile, one that we’ve been playing like crazy since its launch.

You can change the soldier class in hero profile menu.

User Info: redfire85. Go to the hero overview menu -> tap a hero -> details -> class -> advance. Her unique skill Holy sister, which removes debuffs and heals allies within 2 squares at the end of her turn grows to remove 2 debuffs once she reaches 6 stars.

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Try to always attack troops that are weak against your class and try to keep away from those who are strong against your own. He can block heals and block skills usage, temporarily remove passive skill effects, and reduce magic defense of multiple enemy units in preparation for a finishing salvo from magic damage-dealing allies in the party.

You will get the two heroes; Lance and Scott in the summon tutorial. Last but not the least is Langrisser II antagonist Egbert. Additionally, when you upgrade the star level of these heroes; Grenier, Matthew, and Almeda, their rarity will also increase; N to R. You can obtain the shards through summoning.

So that’s all for now as Langrisser Mobile guide. That about covers our Langrisser Mobile heroes guide which hopefully gives you a better idea of which heroes to spend all your time and hard-earned resources on. Another hero that every player probably has in their roster early in the game is Lewin. He has pretty decent HP and defense stats for his class and once you unlock Royal Gryphon units and the Blast skill, his usefulness in battle grows several folds. Simply stat-boost the earth out of your flying unit, then teleport that unit with a hero that has this option, then quickly take out the unit (or the treasure). If there is a chest, move your character there and stand on that tile to grab that chest. Upgrade your hero’s soldiers Her unique skill, Magic Master, makes her tougher against magic-based attacks provided that her troop HP is at 100%. Langrisser is a classic series of strategy-RPGs by NCS/Masaya and CareerSoft and a mobile gacha game by ZlonGame. Chris is an excellent support character that can buff your team and debuff enemy units in a variety of ways. However, the enemy can use the skills to attack the hero directly.,, Resource Management Guide by Tinywhale - a F2P Veteran from the Chinese Servers, Timeless Trials Guide by Tinywhale - a F2P Veteran from the Chinese Servers, Guild Guide by Tinywhale - a F2P Veteran from the Chinese Servers,,

So I got lucky and pulled Listell with all those extra tickets that they threw at us between yesterday and today. The blue tiles show the range where you can move a hero. Submit Here.

How to get more Heroes As this guide may follow a certain amount of time for you to play Langrisser Mobile, be sure to check our beginner’s guide and advanced guide if you are just starting out in the game. Best SSR Heroes In Langrisser Mobile. Let’s have a look at the Langrisser tier list and figure out the best characters in the game, their stats, skills.

Strengthen -> You can increase the level of equipment by using strengthening material. With this to consider, it is important to see the value of your other heroes beyond their rarity level as you will witness later on how much powerful they can grow to as you earn more of their shards to rank up their star levels. ⇒You can not attack an enemy from anywhere on the battlefield. While there may be a few heroes in Langrisser Mobile who can come close to match Ledin’s defensive prowess, what makes him stand out from among tank candidates is his Godly Guard skill which converts his DEF and MDEF attributes to attack power for 2 turns. Overall, though you should only invest in her if you don’t have the higher rarity counterparts as sticking on with her in the late game, like any other R-class heroes may run your valuable resources dry especially if you have already acquired more SR and SSR class heroes. His prowess in battle may be limited to fields where he can take advantage of his unique skill but he can very much add a twist into your mix heroes most especially on the earlier story battles. And, within the battle, pay attention to the danger zone, healing, terrain buffs, enemy moves. From learning how to play Langrisser, to building a solid squad and knowing about all the in-game mechanics and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Turn the animations off and enjoy a much faster gameplay! You can exchange these honor points in the store for rune stones, trinity vouchers, chests. On top of mass healing, Liana can also remove debuffs from her allies. Use this:, Does it matter who your hero starter is? Even a full team of SSR heroes won’t be as effective without a tank or healer in the team and Leon probably shouldn’t be deployed in a field full of enemy lancers. While it would be great to have both outstanding PvE and PvP teams, you may have to focus on one first considering the limitations of your resources most especially in the late game and if you are a free-to-play gamer.

You should take it into consideration when picking the heroes.

Ledin’s Will of the King ability reduces both physical and magic damage by a certain percentage.

Additionally, you can exchange trinity crystals for these trinity vouchers in the store. Langrisser is an amazing RPG game for mobile, one that we’ve been playing like crazy since its launch. On top of his usual support skills, his unique skill Gained Knowledge, increases his intelligence value from 2% to 6% after every attack and makes him even stronger as the battle stretches further. Langrisser Mobile; How to build Listell? As you may have the impression that the free heroes you get in any strategy RPG may lose its value fast as you progress through the game, Matthew does hold pretty competitive skills once he reaches max star rank and a final class, most particularly the Strike Master end class. Tap the upgrade stars button to star-up that character. Just links to guides. Although Hein may not seem much on his own, his skills that involve increasing offensive stats of allies and debuffing several enemy units within range at a time makes him a good support unit to have in your team.

You can get these vouchers from story mode, events, mission reward, and as a progress reward(path of light). In order to turn off the animations, simply tap your character’s portrait in the top left corner, hit “Settings” and then scroll down to the battle setup. When setting up the team, make sure to check the enemy’s class type and pick the right heroes. Also, check Langirsser Mobile reroll guide. All-in-all, Chris is a good investment and offers a lot of potential in several PvE battles but requires some strategic planning to fully utilize in battle. The info is in the upper right corner of the screen, so make sure you consider that when deciding your next move. Participate in the Aniki’s GYM daily challenge, send the heroes on the expedition to get training material items.

It also shows the Enemies attack stat and your corresponding defense.

When it comes to tuning up your heroes, you have the basic option to level them up (simply stock up on XP potions and then unload them into your newly unlocked rare heroes to make them better), class them up and choose soldiers that fit their role (so archers for ranged heroes!). And today is the big day when we share our complete strategy guide for the game, as a list of Langrisser cheats and tips to help you play the game better.

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