malians aoe2 strategy

At first it will be hard to beat a computer on the hardest difficulty, but with a bit of practice, and the use of a few tips, you should be able to do so in no time!

When playing a random map game against the computer, the player may encounter any of the following Malian AI characters: Throughout the Middle Ages, many city-states and kingdoms emerged in West Africa as a result of the lively trans-Saharan trade of salt and gold.

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The Malians are strongest in the front-line position, as their infantry rushing capabilities and high mobility units can simultaneously protect pocket players and attack the enemy team. On a water map the Malian player must establish early naval dominance, as their late-game navy is decidedly average due to a lack of the Shipwright, Fast Fire Ships, and Elite Cannon Galleon technologies. Onager Volleys can be devastating against them if the player forgets to micro the Gbetos, so civilizations like Celts, Ethiopians, Mongols, and Koreans may overturn them. Allow the villager to land two arrow shots before running back to the TC.

Between the 4th and 11th centuries AD, the Soninke people were the first to monopolize the gold trade and expand their rule over a vast area. © Copyright 2013 Informatics-Tech | Design by, In this article, I will show you a strategy that will give you the skill to finally beat the AI!

 The African Kingdoms Indeed, 19th-century French explorer, The Malians are the only civilization that lacks the final attack upgrades for both melee and ranged units at the. They also appear in: In-game, Malian units speak Eastern Maninka that belongs to the Mande branch of the Niger-Congo language family.

The Malians are an infantry civilization.

Now you must continue creating villagers, that you will send in wood (10 total).

Many foot soldiers in West Africa were fierce in combat, and often won battles with their superior coordination and maneuverability. (for more tips, check out our AOE 2 … There are multiple versions of the Fast Castle strategy out there, and you can certainly take these steps and mold them to your liking, especially if you're playing a civilization that comes with certain economic benefits. This makes it difficult for some players to answer the Malian horde, limiting counter units to inf…

The Malians have a full archery range up until the Imperial Age, where they lose out on both Bracer and Parthian Tactics. Research Double-bit Axe at your lumber camp. Pikemen and Heavy Camels are viable anti-cavalry options in the Malian army, and Gbetos make excellent units for hit-and-run tactics.

As with most civilizations in the game, they now have access to the new Barracks technology Supplies, which reduces the cost of the Militia line by 15 food.

Indeed, to most players, it will either be extremely hard or downright impossible. If you're going all-in on knights, build at least another stable for faster production. Once the camp is finished, upgrade your gold mining speed (if possible). Send new villagers (26, 27) to mine gold.

Alternatively, Castle drops followed by Gbeto raids can throw an opponent off-balance. By mixing in Pikemen, the Malian horde is also unassailable by standard cavalry.

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These will be sent to collect gold. Send new villager (12) to chop wood.

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At this point, the game varies to much for it to be possible to use a constant strategy. It was the administrative language of the Malian Empire.

This gives you more time to boom and produce units without dealing with pressure, and your allies will benefit from any resources you can sling their way as they defend the homeland. (for more tips, check out our AOE 2 tips). I would like to receive news and offers from other Future brands. Continue building farms as wood allows, send villagers to mine gold, and consider mining stone if you plan on building multiple extra TCs or a castle.

Their unique unit, the Gbeto, is a fast-moving ranged infantry unit that can be produced cheaply and possesses high attack power. The new villager (4) created should begin harvesting sheep under the TC. Try to place it near the front of your base in order to quickly mobilize units. Here's how to nail the basics. Villager (28, 29) mine gold or chop wood based on strategy.

They get free Gold Mining, which gives a small boost to gold-heavy strategies. West Africa and the Sahel have sparse vegetation, with few trees. 1 scout, 14 farmers/hunters/gatherers and 20 woodcutters. Upon completion of Feudal Age research, you have a couple of logical options to thrive in the Castle Age.

After using my first villies to get food for more, I stopped doing that, and got to castle in 11 mins with 24 villies (13 wood, 11 gold). In order to defend and control this vast region, the Mali Empire maintained a full-time army, consisting of up to 100,000 soldiers of which the majority was infantry.

Steppe Husbandry: Scout Cavalry line and Cavalry Archers are trained 80% faster.

Add a few reseeds (~4) in your mill.

Sadly, on the Cuman side of things, they have lackluster Universities, so the Malian team bonus does not have such impact, but they have the Stable units in the Imperial Age (Malians have Light Cavalry, Cavaliers, and Heavy Camel Riders, with Cumans having Hussars, Paladins, Camel Riders, and Elite Steppe Lancers). Age of Empires Series Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The late Castle rusher has a similar goal, but with a much more developed army. In any case, the loss of a major resource, combined with overgrazing and periodic droughts, led to the disintegration of the Empire of Ghana. Receive +100 gold, +100 food when advancing to the next age, Royal Heirs: Shotel Warriors are created nearly instantly, Torsion Engines: Siege workshop units blast radius increase, Infantry cost -35% starting in Feudal Age, Infantry have +1 attack bonus vs buildings, Anarchy(Castle Age) - Huskarls can be created at Barracks, Perfusion(Imp Age) - Barracks create units 100% faster, Don't need Houses, but start game with -100 wood, Cavalry Archers cost -10% Castle Age, -20% Imperial, Villagers affected by Blacksmith upgrades, Villagers cost -10% Dark, -15% Feudal, -20% Castle, -25% Imperial, Fishing ships have x2 HP, +2 piercing armor, work rate +5% Dark, +10% Feudal, +15% Castle, +20% Imperial, Infantry attack 25% faster starting in Feudal Age, Tower Upgrades free (Chemistry still required for Bombard Tower), Prereq buildings aren't required to advance to further ages or unlock other buildings (i.e., a castle is not required to advance to the Imp age or a blacksmith is not required to build a siege workshop), Tusk Swords (Castle Age): Battle Elephants get +3 attack, Double Crossbow (Imperial Age): Ballista Elephants and Scorpions shoot two projectiles.

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