maverick sport 1000r vs rzr 1000

Thus, we are declaring it the winner of this comparison. Having spent considerable amounts of time in both machines, I can say that the suspension systems of each machine work very well, and are quite different. Everything is right where you want it with a large speedometer readout, along with a tachometer and all other gauges. The small and simple instrument cluster is attached to the steering column so it is easy to read with the wheel in any position, and with only basic info reading out, there is no way to be confused with what you are looking at. Two models of the Sport are equipped with Can-Am’s DPS. Which is more solidly built and reliable?

It was easy to pass the bigger cars in the tight technical sections, and as the ride continued the smiles (and confidence) only grew larger. The stock 31” Maxxis Carnivore tires are already mounted on aluminum beadlock wheels from the factory. We like to say that the Kawasaki KRX 1000 is built to “get you there and back” without any issues. It’s a popular width for utility and trail machines, but there are a few offerings in the sport and performance category that blend the nimble handling and higher horsepower speedsters crave. The suspension soaks up the nastiest terrain and helps you correct when you make a mistake – which I may, or may not have done. For this Maverick, Can-Am is using its latest Rotax V-twin powerplant. I’m not going to do that. These tires have an 8-ply rating, and we have noticed just how good they are in the wear department. The new Rzr 1000 is impressive to say the least. Copyright © 2020 ATV. The Polaris has 12.25 up front and 13.2 in the rear.

Sure, the new Maverick Sport 1000R DPS is no whoop devouring monster like its Maverick X3 older brother… But at the end of the day we think the small, lighter, and more affordable Sport ha a clear role and purpose as a great option even for those who reside in the southwestern deserts such as ourselves. I have both the CanAM Sport and the Rzr1000. The Rzr has a nice inside light for the footwells. First, the Can-Am Maverick Sport X RC is a UTV that really excels in the very tight, technical terrain that you need maximum traction and clearance. All rights reserved. Plus, with interior and exterior handles, these doors are easy to open. Takeoffs are extremely smooth. The RZR pulls its power from a 999cc ProStar inline DOHC twin engine that is … Of the width thresholds that seem to be the norm of the UTV world, it is perhaps the 60-inch wide market that is the most versatile. The quality continues with the frame of this vehicle, which has gussets in all of the right spots along with metal skid plates to protect further from rocks protruding under the transmission, differentials, and other critical powertrain components. Ground clearance 12 in.

It’s true that the word “nimble” is the best way to describe the RC. The Dynamic Power Steering does provide great feedback through the wheel at high speeds, making it feel much more stable and connected when blasting across the flats at 60-70 mph. Enter your ZIP code below to search for ATV dealers near you. While too big for the narrower 50-inch trails, 60-inch wide machines can be used on thousands of miles of other trails across North America. Once in the big dunes, the Sport had plenty of power to rail around the massive bowls, keeping pace with the turbo cars while jumping transitions from one bowl to another. Plus, the steering wheel is height adjustable to give the driver plenty of comfort to go along with the adjustable seats. It was never ending! We checked the weather, and seeing the mountains getting hit with a snowstorm, decided there’d be no better time to go than now. The latter comment about A-arms is a very unique feature of the RC compared to the KRX and one that gives the RC a leg up on the Kawasaki in serious rock crawling situations. The Can-Am Maverick Sport X RC just needs a bit more refinement to be a better all-around UTV.

This locking feature, along with the standard 4500-lb front winch, which has synthetic line from the factory, really give the driver the confidence to maneuver this RC through almost any rock climb. They just keep getting better. Went to my local dealer which carries both machines and indeed they only had 1 xp on the floor because they had sold all the other ones that came in before they were ever even put on the show floor.

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