media effects theory essay

So a programme becomes a text at the moment of reading.” (Fiske 1989, p 14). In Maxwell McCombs’ and Donald Shaw’s (theorists of the agenda-setting theory) explanation, agenda is “not what to think, but what to think about” (McCombs & Shaw, 1972). With reference to relevant sociological theory and evidence, discuss media effects.

It is therefore difficult to conceptualise preferred meaning, one which can be easily confused with something that is agreed by majority of the text audience. 0000012019 00000 n One of the pioneer works to break away from this over emphasis of unilateral power was established by Stuart Hall’s through his encoding/decoding model. In a way, Morley’s work puts Hall’s Encoding/Decoding model to the test. 0000000016 00000 n Before the mass media began taking an antismoking stance, smoking was considered a personal health issue.

Researchers found that voters who consumed the most media had generally already decided for which candidate to vote, while undecided voters generally turned to family and community members to help them decide.

From watching soap operas, they take the stage acting as if it were a real life situation; many envying to live the ‘movie superstar’s life’ forgetting that it is only stage managed. Society relies a great deal on technology for news, entertainment and education.

In essence, the meaning of a text is not inherent within the text itself, but is created within different processes involved in the relationship between the text and the reader.

Audience use existing cultural frameworks to (re)construct meaning from a media text, thus it is through audience interpretations that we are able to gain more comprehension towards the culture to which that audience belongs (Gauntlett).

5th Ed. His supporters point to the hopes and achievements of digital technology and the utopian state that such innovations promise. David Altheide and Robert Snow, Media Worlds in the Postjournalism Era (New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1991), 9–11.

Despite—or perhaps because of—these controversies, McLuhan became a pop culture icon, mentioned frequently in the television sketch-comedy program Laugh-In and appearing as himself in Woody Allen’s film Annie Hall. Out of this, their way of thinking is indirectly modeled by the media. One of the reasons why encoding/decoding model is significant in media studies is because it balances the relationship between the media and audience, returning some power to the media while maintaining audience as active participants.

Don Stacks and Michael Salwen (New York: Routledge, 2009), 137.

Examine the topic using at least two of the approaches discussed in this section. As a result, audience understanding of a particular health issue may (or may not) overlap or influenced by their interpretation of other health stories in the media. More recently, coverage of natural disasters has been prominent in the news.

The International Encyclopedia of Political Communication.

Uses and gratifications theories of media are often applied to contemporary media issues. The current critique of McLuhan, however, is a bit more revealing of the state of modern media studies.

Media effects include theories that explain how the mass media influence the attitudes and perceptions of audience members.

Mass media denotes a section of the media specifically envisioned and intended to get in touch with a very large audience such as the population of a nation or state.

0000009162 00000 n By using symbolic interactionist theory, researchers can look at the ways media affects a society’s shared symbols and, in turn, the influence of those symbols on the individual (Jansson-Boyd, 2010).

In particular, I will focus on literatures in areas of risks and health, as well as examining studies utilising creative methods for studying media influence, all which I will relate to my findings chapters.

These include relaxation, social interaction, entertainment, arousal, escape, and a host of interpersonal and social needs. Wober, J. M. (1988).

Although 1960s-era utopians received these statements positively, social realists found them cause for scorn.

The effect of this is that a bad image of this leader is created on people’s minds and people start perceiving him as a bad leader.

Of Fiske he argues that his ideas were “old pluralism re-heated” (ibid p267) that simply played into the hands of neo-liberal America, that wanted to deny any sort of hegemonic power in the media. Audience consists of individuals who have different social and cultural backgrounds which makes it problematic if not impossible, to conceptualise one mass audience. Researchers continued to explore reception studies and studying audience became a popular trend for media researchers in the 1990s.

0000003716 00000 n A theory stating that the mass media determines the issues the public considers important.

Factors such as age, sex, education background and exposure inform this degree of influence.

In fact studies consistently fail to find a link between these two (Barker and Petley, 1996; Norris et.

Researchers have identified a number of common motives for media consumption.

2.2 Media Effects Theories Agenda-Setting Theory. For example, prior to and during World War II, many Germans opposed Adolf Hitler and his policies; however, they kept their opposition silent out of fear of isolation and stigma. Each communication act generates at least three potentially different sites of this construction from where meaning arises.

For example, prior to and during World War II, many Germans opposed Adolf Hitler and his policies; however, they kept their opposition silent out of fear of isolation and stigma. 0000017903 00000 n Her reasoning for this was that studies such as Morley’s Nationwide forced researchers to look beyond the passivity of audiences, beyond psychology and/or effects and root the debate within political and sociological discourse.

How teens use social media also might determine its impact. In the second part of my literature, I will explore research conducted in areas of infant feeding, in particular to studies about breastfeeding and the media.

The foundations for this body of work is championed by Hall himself at the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (BCCCS) and his colleagues such as David Morley (1980) who explored how people from different (sub)cultures responded to the same media output (the BBC channel current affairs programme Nationwide). Widespread fear that mass-media messages could outweigh other stabilizing cultural influences, such as family and community, led to what is known as the direct effects model of media studies.

Among others, Hall’s encoding/decoding model has led to an increasing interest to explore media reception and audiences as active participants. These studies revive the approach of Morley’s Nationwide research and differentiate themselves from the over-emphasis of audience power in most active audience studies.

Sympathy, too, has to be given to Fiske for his pluralistic vision of semiotics.

Theories of mass communication.

Second, it gives an overview of the main theories in this area. This means the way you act toward someone or something is based on the meaning you have for a person or thing. In one of the earliest formulations of media effects, widespread fear that mass-media messages could outweigh other stabilizing cultural influences, such as family and community, led to what is known as the direct effects modelA theory that assumes audiences passively accept media messages and react predictably to those messages.

Seale (220:25) argues that the ways in which audience understand health issues is complex and involves a process of selecting and constructing unique composition of different health stories through media usage and experience. Early media studies focused on the use of mass media in propaganda and persuasion.

theory, which states that those who hold a minority opinion silence themselves to prevent social isolation, explains the role of mass media in the formation and maintenance of dominant opinions.

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