o1 vs o2 tool steel

These carbides are the primary contributors to A2’s celebrated edge retention. It would mean more time sharpening, but as a newbie that could be a good thing.

0.76–0.90% carbon: forging dies, hammers, and sledges.

So whether I’m using A2 or O1, I’m still getting messy and still spending hours getting my tools all prepped and ready to go. *We will reply with best offer in shortest time*. Given this, please assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links that we will receive compensation from. D2 is very wear resistant but not as tough as lower alloyed steels. It just depends on how much you like to sharpen. I have a L-N shoulder plane and a Veritas block plane that I’ve used on and off for a month and the edge is still really sharp. I mostly use PM-V11, O1, A2, and White Steel (Japanese laminated blades), among other highly abrasion resistant steels (M2, M4, CPM-3V, and D2). Also, I’m very possibly the worst woodworker ever, so my observations are probably be idiotic. More alloying elements are used in these steels, as compared to the water-hardening class. The use of oil quenching and air-hardening helps reduce distortion, avoiding the higher stresses caused by the quicker water quenching.

4140 Plate Distributor: How to Be A Reliable 4140 Supplier. Their machinability is good and they have a balance of wear resistance and toughness (i.e. Reducing that thermal shock minimizes the risk of cracking or distortion in the hardened piece. Otai Special Steel is One Voestalpine & Thyssenkrupp Trusted Supplier with ISO9001 Certified. H-group tool steels were developed for strength and hardness during prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures. One has a Hock A2 blade and one has a Hock O1 blade. Just about the clearest-stated, most-informative few paragraphs on tool metallurgy I’ve ever read. I am leaning toward the softer steel (O1 by my understanding) because I understand it is easier to sharpen to a keen edge. The chromium addition provides it some more hardenability vs a steel like 1095 but is not a true oil hardening steel. Machinability: According to the steel manufacture, O1 steel has a 90% machinability rate which is good. I’m telling you guys, buy a worksharp and you won’t care about sharpening any longer. Copyright © 2006-2020 The Wood Whisperer Inc. However, A2 tool steel belongs to A-Group, which have high hardenability and may be hardened in air. We can alsow talk about the D2 or A2 tool steel, but they are Superieur to the O1 steel, so I really can’t consider them as equivalents. Sales Desk: 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM CST Mon - Fri, HOME   |   PRODUCTS   |   SERVICES   |   GUIDES   |   CONTACT   |   ABOUT US   |   GALLERY   |   BLOG   |   LOCATION   |   SHIPPING   |   TERMS   |   SITE MAP, © 2020 KEY METALS INC - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - KEY METALS IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK.

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