When selling chaos runes, each piece of tokkul costs 5.89 coins.

Do you not know that TokKul is most sacred? It is revealed in conversation with TzHaar-Mej-Jeh that they do so to collect it so that it can be returned to the lava. For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see. chaos rune sell price-9 tokkul each 1.Buy the death runes from people or stores. Drop Rate •  Reward token Four TzHaar monsters can be killed around Mor Ul Rek to obtain Tokkul: With 90 Thieving, players can pickpocket TzHaar-Hur.

It is not worth hopping to get more tokkul per rune.

When buying uncut onyx (with the discount), each piece is worth 5.9 coins. The update also increased the price of various items in the store. An uncut onyx is the second rarest gem in RuneScape, behind zenyte, and is used in the Crafting skill. Players obtain variable Tokkul as a consolation prize depending on how far they progress before succumbing. There are currently only six ways to get Tokkul: The TzHaar Fight Pit minigame, along with selling to the TzHaar shops, was the first way to get Tokkul. What's the fastest way to get tokkul taken into account the entire process? If not keep selling. •  Ye Olde Tea Shoppe, General Store (Canifis) •  Barker's Haberdashery •  Rufus's Meat Emporium •  Slayer equipment, Razmire General Store • Razmire Builders Merchants, Port Phasmatys General Store • Ak-Haranu's Exotic Shop •  Alice's Farming shop, Lletya General Store •  Lletya Archery Shop • Lletya Food Store •  Lletya Seamstress, Armour store •  Carefree Crafting Stall •  Crossbow Shop •  Green Gemstone Gems •  Keldagrim's Best Bread •  Kjut's Kebabs • Ore Seller •  Pickaxe-Is-Mine •  Silver Cog Silver Stall •  Vermundi's Clothes Stall, Gunslik's Assorted Items •  Agmundi Quality Clothes •  Keldagrim Stonemason •  Quality Armour Shop •  Quality Weapons Shop •  Vigr's Warhammers, Filamina's Wares •  Regath's Wares •  Thyria's Wares, The Golden Field •  The Haymaker's Arms •  Little Shop of Horace •  Logava Gricoller's Cooking Supplies •  Perry's Chop-chop Shop •  Vannah's Farm Store, The Deeper Lode •  Little Munty's Little Shop •  Toothy's Pickaxes •  Thirus Urkar's Fine Dynamite Store, Frankie's Fishing Emporium •  Kenelme's Wares •  Leenz's General Supplies •  Tynan's Fishing Supplies •  Warrens Fish Monger •  Warrens General Store, Briget's Weapons •  Briget's Armour •  Jennifer's General Field Supplies, Ifaba's General Store •  Daga's Scimitar Smithy •  Hamab's Crafting Emporium •  Oobapohk's Javelin Store •  Solihib's Food Stall •  Tutab's Magical Market, Fossil Island General Store  Petrified Pete's Ore Shop •  Mairin's Market, Dodgy Mike's Second-hand Clothing • Smithing Smith's Shop •  Two Feet Charley's Fish Shop •  The Other Inn •  Harpoon Joe's House of 'Rum', Void Knight General Store •  Void Knight Archery Store •  Void Knight Magic Store, Bandit Duty Free • Battle Runes • Darren's Wilderness Cape Shop • Edmond's Wilderness Cape Shop • Edward's Wilderness Cape Shop • Ian's Wilderness Cape Shop • Larry's Wilderness Cape Shop • Lundail's Arena-side Rune Shop • Mage Arena Staffs • Neil's Wilderness Cape Shop • Richard's Wilderness Cape Shop • Sam's Wilderness Cape Shop • Simon's Wilderness Cape Shop •  Tony's Pizza Bases • William's Wilderness Cape Shop, Zanaris General Store •  Slayer equipment •  Irksol •  Jukat • Fairy Fixit's Fairy Enchantment, Crossbow Shop • Trader Stan's Trading Post. A successful pickpocket can render between 3-10 Tokkul, or various gems up to diamond. Obsidian platebody is currently 9.37 gp per tokkul, and onyx is 8.22 gp/tokkul So that's like 29k chaos runes. This store has separate stock for ironmen. Not sold Use that tokkul to buy an onyx. Drops From It is revealed in The Elder Kiln quest that the souls of the dead TzHaar live in a tormented state within the Tokkul, although this is generally disbelieved by living TzHaar.

•  Paramaya tickets Buying Onyx *WITH* Gloves = 260,000 Tokkul *You Must Wait For The Shop To Refresh Before Selling Another Otherwise The Ammount of Tokkul Per Maul Drops* [hide=Click To See Tokkul Per Obby Maul Rates] 1 In Stock (Standard) = 17,500 Tokkul 2 In Stock = 16,500 Tokkul 3 In Stock = 15,500 Tokkul 4 In Stock = 14,500 Tokkul 5 In Stock = 14,500 Tokkul When you're selling chaos runes to get enough tokkul to buy an onyx is it worth hopping worlds or just staying on the same one selling the runes? Completing a TzHaar-Hur-Zuh farming request on the Player-owned farm An update increased the amount of Tokkul received as drops and from the Fight Cave.

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