remington supercell recoil pad size chart

There are a number of aftermarket recoil pads on the market that offer the typical manufacturer claims and guarantees (tip: when a claim is made that takes the form of “up to X improvement or more!”, it actually means: “Something may or may not change some amount; we won’t promise anything, but if there is a change, we’re pretty sure that it won’t be a negative one”). As the correct way to shoot a shotgun is to stand behind it, a recoil pad is always intended to soften the recoil impact. When you’re standing or kneeling on your own, your body is better prepared to move with the kick and absorb the recoil impulse over a longer distance. Pre-fit recoil pads like Remington Supercell or Limbsaver are made especially for Remington 870. Your email address will not be published. The length of pull or LOP is the distance from the middle of the trigger to the end of the gun's buttstock, which is extremely important for a proper gun fit. Choose buttpad for synthetic Remington 870 stock. A good recoil pad will absorb some of that force, leaving you in much better shape and ready for the next shot. The Remington 870 is no exception to this, leaving you with the choice of using the factory recoil pad and suffering a sore shoulder for days, or getting an upgraded model that allows you to shoot comfortably. Remove the screws from the factory pad, then insert them into the new recoil pad. Notes:

Pad will not be a “perfect fit” for models that did not have the R3 or Super Cell pad as original factory equipment. Here are some things you should know: This is said in the context of not being able to reduce all of the felt recoil. I decided to give it a try, and placed an order for a SuperCell pad for synthetic-stocked shotguns (part # F301519).

Shouldering the gun after installation, the new pad felt great. Wood - Fits factory wood stock. When combined with a properly-fitting stock and good shooting technique, this $20 upgrade should be all that most able-bodied gun owners need to shoot comfortable and effectively. The old and new pads are essentially the same thickness, so length of pull didn’t change either. This is where a good recoil pad comes in. Comfortable, excellent at reducing recoil and absorbing shock, this recoil pad is undoubtedly one of the best overall choices on the market for quite some time. It does with a lot of things not only the recoil pad. You should consider finding one that matches your personal needs and preferences. Exact? There will be recoil however, but for those that were not able to tolerate the recoil from certain weapons or from ammunition can now tolerate the recoil using the LimbSaver™ Recoil Pads. They said that it was perfect for making every shot more comfortable for them; overall, they felt no shock at all. I have a Marine Magnum which has spent a few years in the safe.

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