shimano curado dc vs slx dc

X-Ship: Makes use of a double bearing supported pinion gear. This gearing also has four semi-automatic casting functions you can control. Another nice feature, the one touch removable side plate to access the SVS Infinity system. I-DC4 System: This is a digital controlled (DC) braking system. Bold claim right? It makes over 1000 corrections per second to help reduce the probability of backlash. In particular when say a speckled trout gets hooked and turns toward you.

The Aldebaran MGL uses 9 bearings and one roller bearing, creating ultra swift gearing. If the clutch bar releases, the pinion can’t touch the spool shaft. A “clicker” is a Shimano feature that increases the tension in free-spool. Outdoors Informed is reader supported. Newcomers to the brand can feel confused about which model to choose, as there are many. I suppose you can try light cranking, something like top water frogs. Compared to the 2015 Aldebaran you should expect cast distances to increase by at least 20%.

Yes, it’s great Shimano trickled the DC technology into it. When you do this the pinion gear will often drags against the spool shaft. The (S) stands for shielded, thus each bearing has shield on both sides. Another nuisance is that I would hit it by accident loosening the drag. The design consists of the gears, the frame, set plate, and handle-side side plate. Star Drag: This star shaped design allows for strong and comfortable adjustments to the drag. Which delivers a significant amount of power. (See Line Capacities Below).

NICE review. Why do these features makes a big difference for inshore fishing? It’s a no brainer. It is a moving eyelet that tracks back and forth on the spool as line is cast. It uses a micro-computer inside the reel to monitor spool speed 1,000 times every second. About the only use I can think of that this reel would not be ideal for is flipping and pitching. Another nice feature, the one touch removable side plate to access the I-DC5 gearing. Which in turn will power the next cast and so on. As a result, they stabilize the gear and maintain alignment under the heaviest of loads. If you love the signature “DC whine” you will like this reel. For drag, the Aldebaran MGL maxes out at 10 pounds, but remember this is a bait finesse casting reel.

The side plates however, are some kind of plastic or graphite.

Otherwise expect the same features Shimano puts into all Curado series reels. It shares the same physical size for the spool as the 2015 Aldebaran with a 50/51 spool. Try throwing 3/8 oz jigs for small mouth bass and expect to have insane success. As a result this gearing provides a smoother retrieve.

Whereas the Curado DC us six bearings and one roller bearing. If you love older Curado models then you will love this reel. Membership Includes 1 Year Bassmaster Magazine, Plus $50 in free gear. By using a micro-computer with the addition of a ring magnet, the brake force is very balanced. With this reel you can select your line type on the inside of the reel, doing so makes semi automatic brake adjustments. 2. Long Double Handle: This Shimano baitcasting reel has a 45/48 mm long handle for extra control. It also features the use of the latest gold anodizing, plating and painting techniques. Finally the drag system is very consistent, with each model having a max drag of 11 pounds. It has a bigger handle, more waterproofing with less ball bearings to go bad. Dual Handle With EVA Paddles: Measuring at 90mm handle for HG models and a 95mm handle for the XG model these will provide more fighting leverage.

Short, sweet, and straight to the point. When you buy through a link on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Keep up the great work. To maintain/change these bearings, reel brands house them inside a small frame. The result is a consistent spool speed and maximum casting distances. Hagane Body: The body construction of the Curado DC is aluminum and anodized in dark grey. For this it’s more than capable. Where the SLX DC fall short over the Curado DC is the bearings. Although if you already own a regular SLX, be aware the DC version is a tad bigger. This is the second digitally controlled baitcaster that Shimano has released into the US market. Made from Shimano Magnesium hagane body with Ci4+ side plates, it’s lightweight and durable. While on the exterior the dial has 5 settings for lure/bait weight. Plus powerful gearing with a super smooth 9+1 bearing system. Look I get it, why spend the money for the Chronarch G if you can get the cheaper Tranx 200? It also has the DC sound. Capable of casting lures ranging from 5 grams up to 30 grams. This produces a low sitting, small palming reel body that is both luxurious and strong. Still, the SLX DC is an incredibly smooth reel. For top reels, most anglers know that Shimano baitcasting reels are industry leaders. This isn’t to say that the Tranx 200 isn’t a great reel, it’s awesome for slower inshore species. Here you put the individual brake weights in the on position. 3. This setting will provide the least amount of braking for maximum distance. The SLX comes with brass gearing, with a versatile amount of gear ratios.

This slows the spool speed, eventually as the pressure lessens, the spool starts to move freely. This DC baitcasting reel is such a pleasure to fish with since you can fish in any condition. The SLX DC is a bit lighter than the Curado DC at 7.6 ounces as opposed to 7.8 and 7.9. This low-profile baitcaster feels good in the palm and sports the same plastic level wind as the Curado K. How else did they beef it up?

Plus they are waterproof to ensure total comfort for long days on the water. When loosened the opposite side plate rotates open, revealing the inner braking mechanism of the reel. With your new found knowledge, choosing the best Shimano baitcasting reel isn’t hard. X-Ship: To improve gear durability in harsh salt water the Chronarch G Uses X-Ship. But that’s where the similarities stop. Or if long casting isn’t a priority then stick with the older SLX for an affordable baitcaster. It does this by giving support to the pinion gear with a (S) A-RB roller bearing. Unlike say the Shimano Caenan which is graphite.

This dial controls the SVS Infinity brake system, a built-in centrifugal brake system. While the two EVA paddles are comfortable for long days of angling. One gasket is next to the spool, to make it impossible for saltwater to contact the spool when it’s spinning. This type of spool has increased strength and durability over cheaper materials. By using this technology the S3D spool also creates balanced  casting and retrieving. Looking for the complete package for ultra-lightweight bait finesse fishing?

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