silent and sneaky casino heist

Blast them all then use square to jump (faster than running here) all the way to the vault. By BeatsDown, December 25, 2019 in The Diamond Casino Heist All Rights Reserved. Display as a link instead, × Can anyone tell me: 1) how many cameras can you stun gun in quick succession without setting off the alarm? Grab the artwork and leave.

If you selected the 2-payer team then you'll get a fat payout. 2) if you stun gun a camera how long before it comes back online. (helipad). For My gamertag is CrzyShrkBoi (Edit this post has blown up. Gunman - Aboloji This guide will show you how to find the different access points and POIs to unlock all three casino heist approaches - The Big Con, Aggressive and Silent and Sneaky.   You cannot paste images directly. Entrance - Staff Lobby Stun 2 at once or destroy 2 = alarm. Also it's possible to take out two guards standing next to each other with two consecutive melee attacks, which are instant kills when done from stealth mode regardless of the guards' armor. Casino heist silent and sneaky. Alerting the guards means players will need to fight their way to the vault; they will also have less time inside the vault before the nerve agent is released. If you want to do the Elite Challenge, the Pump action is the one to get. DO NOT WASTE MONEY on Clean Car and Decoy. Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold, Gold. • ­Purchasing an Arcade.• ­Completing all required preparations.

DIAMOND CASINO HEIST The roof is low enough from the Northwestern side to climb up and the air ducts nearby allow climbable access all the way up to the helipad. Players are provided with a Stun Gun, which is used to disable security cameras and metal detectors temporarily so they won't trigger the alarm (as long as only a few are disabled at a time). Unlocked by You can post now and register later. Vault Keycards - to save hacking each lock, Patrol Routes - so you can see where everyone is Sometimes your cars will be closer than others. I avoid it during elite attempts though, because the parachuting is a possible point of failure that I'd rather avoid.

In-game time, • ­Rappel down the elevator shaft. Heist Crew, Gunman - Chester McCoy

Just get in whatever car comes to you first, be it a car off the street or your own.

Some of the guards seem to have flashlights, but their cone of vision is very limited and we only had to deal with one on the way to the staff exit right past the security room to remain undetected. The Casino Heist - Silent & Sneaky is a heist featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino Heist update. The Silent & Sneaky approach is focused on getting through the casino without alerting anyone, adopting a strategy to evade or take out enemies to reach the vault, then leaving the casino by avoiding the LSPD and the NOOSE. - Two guards spawn from the left. GTASeriesVideos used machine pistol loadout for their elite challenge, shotguns are a nice extra but definitely not a neccesarity, NEW VIDEO

Unmarked Weapons - MK II Shotgun Loadout - This will make eliminating the enemies so much easier and faster. Take him out when he enters the small little rooms out of view of cameras. Buyer: Any Not as obvious during Big Con and can maybe help you out during Aggressive, but is a massive problem when doing Silent and Sneaky without doing Duggan Shipments, which you don’t need. - Be sure to leave before the timer reaches 15 seconds to go to avoid detection. You are unable to do this with Cash or Gold. (Which I prefer when going to the heli.). I just don't know if it's enough time to do it right when entering the vault level after grabbing loot. Killing from a further distance is better than getting up close, no? You can post now and register later.

First of all, when you do your scoping out of the vault contents, make sure it is Artwork.   Your link has been automatically embedded. It's more fun to us a parachute, too. (helipad)• ­Go to the basement.• ­Go to one of the keypads.• ­Simultaneously swipe the keycards.• ­Enter the mantrap.• ­Go through the mantrap.• ­Go to the vault door.• ­Drill the door locks.• ­Grab the loot.• ­Continue looting or leave the vault.• ­Go to one of the keypads.• ­Simultaneously swipe the keycards.• ­Enter the mantrap.• ­Go through the mantrap.• ­Exit the Casino via the [exit point].• ­Deliver the loot to the buyer. - I recommend only having a  2-player team. I’m level 96 but I’ve done it 100 times over and I can hack in 4 secs max, Hey i am online do you wanna do the casino heist. What you need to do is leave one gold bar by exiting the tray, then press to start picking it up again. We've managed to do this with 2 players and still had over a minute left.

I personally like the SW or NW roof terrace exits when going to a helicopter because it means you can easily get across the highway undetected or even up onto the police station roof.

Make sure you also read how to unlock Avi Schwartzman and scope all the access point and POIs. My psn is bilalahsan11. How does the shotgun help with the elite challenge exactly? - Stun gun the fuse box then take out guard(s) at front desk as soon as you can before shooting out the camera to your left. Highlight is …, The assault shotgun is so good for this, you can easily take down groups of two with it alone, I might recommend it if you're doing it the first time or just going for elite or maybe for fun.

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