south sudanese tribes list

It branches into the Hadandawa tribesmen who dwell in Sinkat, Kassala, Haya towns, the Amarrar in Seloum, Port Sudan and Kassala in addition to the Bisharyeen, Bait Joke, Beni Amer and Halanga, the Ababdah in Shalatin, Qasireh in Halaib, Abu Ramad and Atbara, the Shuwak and Habab in Qaroreh, Aqior, Nagfa and Agordat and the Suwakniyeh in Sawakin and Port Sudan. South Sudan is comprised of three main ethnic groups, the Nilotic, Sudanese Nilotic and Sudanese groups. Madi – This is one of my praise names as a Zwane – Madi and a popular surname in South Africa, especially in KwaZulu.

Two branches of the Nilo-Saharan language family - Northern Nilotic and Eastern Nilotic - are represented in South Sudan. They go by the name Dlamini-Zizi-Nkosi. The information you got sounds political and deliberately published to deny existence and right s of Tennet as a tribe. You people have problem trying to tribalize everything though one doesn’t have intention of it. 3. For your information, we need you to correct your information to avoid confusion. South Sudan fresh #1. on Opinion: When we rebelled against Khartoum gov’t Bashir didn’t accommodate us in hotels unlike Riek’s! Shatt – Could these be the Shahs of Africa, we heard about?

3 Aja 35 Lotuka Jiye (Jie) = Njeki, we have Myeki or Myeni people – who come from the Jali-Bhengu-Ngwane people who make up the Edo and Benin state and country.

Darfur is home to over 100 African and Arab tribes. This is a list of ethnic groups in South Sudan. About 36% of South Sudanese are Dinka, and about 16% are Nuer. There used to be Boya Chiefs and the Nyathi went to the Mbuthuma/Mbundu/mPoto/Mpondo people of Africa. The South Sudan tribes embrace different faiths, including Islam, Christianity and indigenous African beliefs. Other coastal areas include the reputed Arousa village on the Red Sea, the island of Sanjaneb and the old historical town of Suakin. So, there is a story there. Dinka bulls boast long, gracefully curved horns, which are painstakingly trained into shape from birth by Dinka cattlemen. Machar led mostly Nuer rebel forces against Kiir's mostly Dinka military, but was forced to flee South Sudan.

Bai – AmaBhayi/Mbai/Pai/Bika/Pika/Kamba (Kenya) or Mambai/Mumbai (India), Bika = Binga = Zulu = Heaven or Sky.

Secondly the original list of tribes of south Sudan is in alphabetical order starting by acholi tribe not dinka, and this what render your whole post useless. The Nuer are the second largest group in South Sudan and are also Nilotic. Lokoro = Lukuru = Lukulu = it is GREAT in Zulu.

The praise names are what are key, as they hold history better than books. People can be corrected for any mistake and that’s how we learn. I think you are completely wrong by saying Tennet is a village of Lopit. Baggara are Arabs in the states of Sudan (particularly Darfur), Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria.. Deng Santino South Sudan as blessed nation with people and natural gifts is occupied by 64 tribes with different ethnicities and languages. The -cua can be Qwa or Goa or Gwa or Kwa or Cwa in South Africa where we use clock sounds quite a bit. 5. Touristic potentials are found in the beaches of the Red Sea, regarded as one of the world’s beauty attractions for divers with its colorful coral reefs. The South Sudan civil war has its roots in the complex relationships between South Sudan's ethnic groups. 31 Lango 63 Woro The Nilotic peoples make up a majority of the population of South Sudan, with at least twenty-five ethnic subdivisions.

When I read the explanation,I understood how our fellow Sudan are brainwashed to have come in Sudan in historical topic”Coming Of People In Sudan”. Cattle play a prominent part in traditional Dinka daily life.

For me this is a good work to me in fact,imagine I have never known that they were so many tribes in South Sudan that is because I was born in kenya.I only knew 4 tribes Dinka,Nuer,Murle and Mundari, TRIBES OF THE SOUTH SUDAN NAMED IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER These used to be the Kings of all of us. The Otuho are part of Sudan's Nilotic group that are pastoralists situated in the Eastern Equatorial where they settled in the 1800's. The main body of people.

The Mamba/Mbai have the Jeraa/Njela, Ndaba, Nyanda/Nyanja, also called Bhayi/Pai and the Diko/Digo – or as the whtes called it, Dingo or Tico or Vico or Siko or Singo or Svingo or Dinka or Dinga etc or Soi or Toi or Doi or Boi (part of the Naidoo indians of Karnataka) etc. Northern Nilotic peoples like the Dinka, Nuer, and Shilluk live across the northern and eastern part of the country.

The new Jongeli’s governor should talk less! Tribes of central Sudan ,the like of Funji,Maban,Rizegaat,and many others are not Arabs even with little mark. Northern Sudan have great touristic potentials represented by archaeological remains of Kush, Nepata and Merowe Kingdoms to old civilizations depicted by palaces, pyramids and relics of the civilization., Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 August 2020, at 20:56. Anyone can earn

This is the problem we have in Sudan, where being African is looked down upon. The Toposa have no distinctive political hierarchy although respect is accorded to the Chiefs, elders, and wise men. These tribesmen have their own language and local tongues beside Arabic. 5 Signs You’ve Found The Woman You Should Marry, Boya (sometimes called Larim, but this is actually a village of the Boya), Lotuka(Otuho)(Logir and Ifoto are villages). 17 Dinka 49 Nyamusaa Khulu is one of the grandson’s of Zulu who bore nations such as Hlubi or Hulu+Bi clan. NO TRIBES NO TRIBES

Aja = Adla. Will appreciate that. His return was part of a peace agreement. However, tension between Machar and Salva Kiir, President of Sudan and a Dinka, forced Machar from office. Along with most other ethnic groups in South Sudan, the Dinka are prolific cattle herders, also known as pastoralists . South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan in 2011, and its capital city is Juba. which is thought to mean, the darkness right before the Lord created light during creation.

Zunda = Juda/Juta.

Not sure what college you want to attend yet? Most of the ethnic minorities still herd cattle and maintain their traditional ways. I didn’t start with the alphatical order. The Dinka people of South Sudan are believed to be the tallest in Africa. Nigerian man invents machine that transforms nylons and plastics into petrol, Looming Persecution of the South Sudanese In North Sudan, President Kiir witnessed swearing in of Nhial Deng Nhial as the new Minister of Presidential Affairs, Boxer Floyd Mayweather to pay for George Floyd’s funeral costs.

Logir is an ethnic tribe that constitutes 47 villages, they are found in torit state with boundaries with kapoeta state. Zolo can also mean yesterday, this morning and dew.

We also used to be called the Bia or Vijayanagar Indians at some point in time, well, a group of us. As for the Nubian tribes, they live in Southern Kordufan. So, almost all clans have libations from this clan. He was a Svingo or Singo or Siko or Tico or Vico or Biko or Diko or Dika or Dinka. Also called Tika or Tinka or Tinga or Dinga or Linga as in Malinga (like the cricket player – also a Zulu), Nuer (Naath) – Nuwa or Luwa (In Bantu, Nu = Lu = Du = Zu = Su = Hlu = Shu = Tu = Yu = Ju = Gu and Wa = La = Ya= – probably related to the Bini/Edo but Na’ath may be Vanwa’ Nathi or Makwakwa or Nyathi – part of the Buka or Bau or Pau – the overall clan we are in Africa – OMasombuka, ONdlovu/Dlomu/Dlomo/Oromo/Dolomu/Dolovu. Wira and Nyamusaa from western Equatoria region. The Nuer and Dinka are similar in some ways. Sudan as country is not Arab nation but truly African nation . 29 Keliku 61 Uduk

Other tribes in the State are the Kunooz, Jaafreh, Sawarb, Jawabreh, Bidairya Dahmashya, Kababish, Merafab, Karafab and others. Baka – Baka or Mpanga or Paka e.g. Among the prominent in the region’s African tribes are the Fur, Zaghawa and Massalit clans. Abougassim is absolutely right why is it only Arab tribes are talked about in details when majority of people who run Darfur is Massalit,Fur, and Zaghawa like this is not fair. You really have concern and spirit of publication. Did I mention anything or just the list that I jotted down? Mr Biar D’ Chol Biar, Yulu – Just another way of writing Julu = Zulu = high above or sky. It’ll be good to educate people of the number of tribe that we’ve in the nation without any assumption.

Darfur been war field between tribes of African origin and Arab, pointing only Arab tribes in Darfur irreverent and bias. Sudanese Group: This includes the Zandi, Madi, Bon and other tribes living in the geographic belt between west of the Nile and near Sudan’s Southern and Southwestern frontiers.

The region is fertile and in the south there is Al-Radome Natural Reserve which hosts a variety of wild animals, forest woods and constantly witnesses heavy rainfall. For instance, Thembu/eMbu, Mambo/Mbo, Ngwe, Nkosi in South Africa each claim to be seperate but often each person would be all of these at the same time because of intermarriage. Get access risk-free for 30 days, The Zelemu/Bhaca/Nkomo/Mpondo/Mbuthu/Mbundu (of South Africa) live in KwaMaChi, under the Xolo, Nzimakwe.

They were also skilled blacksmiths and warriors. Their region is also home to Dinka and Nuer groups, but the Shilluk live mostly along the Nile.

9. The Murle have a history of invading Nuer territory for cattle. The Phuthi/Phuthing of South Africa have names such as Moorosi, Moroesi – this group is called BaHlongwa or Batlokwa and they live most in KwaZulu but also scored big by buying land on the other side of the country where platinum reserves were found. Forgotten tribes of South Sudan Arab nomads found deep in the heart of South Sudan live in isolation, but are not immune from war and disease. 22 Imatong 54 Sere Azande izizwe ZamaLunda. In 2013, Kiir accused Machar of planning a coup and removed Machar from his post as Vice President.

Azande – We are called AMande but can’t say right now, even though I know this name, means, Let’s us multiply! This means sweet in Sanskrit, Bantu and Tagalog. Kara = Gallas (West Africa), Galla (Oromo in Ethiopia), Nkala (Dlomu or Dlomo Thembu in South Africa), Lingala – KoNGO etc.

As for Arab tribes, they are headed by Rizeighat which is spread over central and southern Darfur. The Dinka are the largest of the many ethnic groups living in the landlocked nation of South Sudan. Tid – the Bafikeng Zulu people, also called Barolong ba Tshidi (Moroka in Qwa Qwa and Free State – some now live in Zambia and all over Africa after being chased out of South Africa by various forces) or Siddhi (in Goa, India), MaQwathi (Eastern Cape South Africa) – some were taken as slaves from India ad returned to South Africa and turned against us and are called coloureds and indians. Most speak a Bantu language called SeSotho. If you don’t have anything positive to say, then, just go and comment somewhere. 18 Dongotona 50 Nyangatom

Bongo – Bongo – Ngo = Ngwe = Nkwe = Nko = Leopard. Use the social media to promote peace and development. Afitti is an ethnic group in Shamal Kurdufan in Sudan. 30 Kuku 62 Wira Animism is a type of belief system that is common across sub-Saharan African religions. Where’s your version of the list? They are the only ethnic group in South Sudan that is not pastoral.

Other Arab tribes include Beni Halbeh, Habbaniya, Taisha, Salamat, Mahamis and Ma’alia who trace their ancestry back to the legendary north African knight “Abu Zaid Al-Hilali”. This is a legal practice in South Sudan today. Raka/Raja/Langa/Ranga/Lanka or Inga or Inca or Ingca or Inka = sun.

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