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There is a slight positive pressure on the body at that point. Things are looking good ! No days off !! They have punched it up by a tremendous amount and assuming that conditions hold to the end of the week, they’ll keep making more and more runs. However, that wasn’t the only record the team was targeting, because the 3000-hp engine built by the legendary Kenny Duttweiler had plenty of backup. The Speed Demon was also painted at Troy’s Rad Rides by Troy shop. Thompson spent more than two years and an enormous amount of money to realize the dream he and his father had for a record. Visit the Save the Salt Booth in the Central Hall (#24099) of the 2015 SEMA Show to see the new Speed Demon. The entries ranged from the big dogs such as Speed Demon all the way down to Andy Pickett’s 50 cc Honda and a whole lot between including the ‘Electraliner.’ This Tesla-powered electric E2-class streamliner set a record at 229.363 mph; however, the Internet … There has been thrashing to repair the car from some singed wiring early in the week, a rear end later in the week, but the organization continues to rise to the occasion and send the beast out angrier and faster each time. We will not let that happen this year . Pits were well spaced and everybody wore a mask as requested. The Callies Ultra Billet crank is fitted with custom made Swedish Auto Verdi Racing con rods, Diamond deep-dish forged 9.3:1 pistons, Total Seal rings and ARP Custom Age 625+ fasteners. The smallest V-8, at just 256 cubic inches, produces more than 10 hp per cubic inch! The Turbinator also runs a 4000 HP+ helicopter engine to generate that speed.

The Undisputed Sultan of Sodium: The Speed Demon Continues To Dominate The Bonneville Record Books – 481mph! Liberty's High Performance Products, Inc. SCTA -- Bonneville Speed Week Records (Certified). Then there’s guys like Shane Tecklenberg who tune on the car, and a gaggle of other highly talented wrenchmen, brains, and braun to make it all happen. The test and tune went well.

The week has not been without work. The machine showed up on the salt in 2011 and that year ran some 426mph. Please contact me directly regarding your sponsorship via email at [email protected] or +1 (818) 998-7848. For more info about future events visit SCTA-BNI.org. Copyright © 2020 BangShift.com All Rights Reserved. The Speed Demon streamliner achieved a flying mile speed of 470.733 mph with an exit speed of 481.576 mph. Danny’s new high-water mark of 448.757 mph over the 5-mile-long salt flats course set just last summer surpasses the previous 2012 Bonneville SCTA high-water mark achieved by a single Duttweiler-built, 347ci small-block Chevy in George Poteet’s Speed Demon (HOT ROD, April 2012). So the AA/BFS is for the fastest piston-powered class at Bonneville in this case running nitro. The bores are finished to 4.565in and the cam journals to LS-spec 55mm. Speed car. The complete build is detailed here. Even more impressive is that it accomplished that speed with a single, twin-turbocharged small-block V8 displacing 368 ci. Car is ready to run again. A few years ago there were more cars that had the potential, however remote, of making that speed but time and wreckage have sidelined a few of them. We’re not sure what their intentions are in terms of engine changes and other classes to chase but as of this moment, they have a big block Chevy powered race car that is knocking on the door of 500mph. Hunting for even more, the team lost an engine today. See details below. After a crash in September 2014, the team decided it was time for a new chassis and a whole new build that would benefit from their years of experience and 30 passes at more than 400 mph.

Incredible amounts of engineering, tuning expertise, dedication, money and hard work by very talented people make this the most awesome land speed record team ever! We wouldn’t be surprised if the team brings its mighty-mouse E engine out of the trailer to aim for the E/BFS record as well. Four Different Duttweiler Engines Aim to Dominate Bonneville’s Blown Fuel Streamliner V8 Classes, We are done with engine #2 the 256 cubic inch .

A record that was previously set 16 years ago by Tom Burkland when he reached a speed of 417.020 mph. Speed Demon at Bonneville in 2010 Speed Demon is a land speed racing car built in 2010 by Ron Haim for George Poteet . In early 2015 he commissioned Maxwell Industries to construct an all new Speed Demon at their Ventura, California facility. At this point we don’t think it’s even disputable to call the Speed Demon the greatest land speed car ever built, right? Make a pass and have any one of your flying mile speeds (example: mile 2, mile 3, mile 4, or mile 5) exceed the record by .001mph and you qualify to break the record the following day. That car ran a small-block Chevy engine but was virtually totaled in a crash that year. You need deep pockets to go for these all-out records.

Very fun to follow their exploits every year. 1,767 lb-ft. 40 pounds of boost. Today, the second run netted a 470.733 mph run for an average of 470.016 for the record in the AA/BFS class. 2019 Bonneville Speed Week Dates - Aug. 10-16. It’s not that easy. The first five of those wins were in the Poteet & Main Speed Demon, and the latest win is in the all-new Speed Demon team streamliner. Its Bonneville time . A full story on this amazing achievement will post soon. A new one has been posted by the Speed Demon … That’s what a team is all about . Failure is not an option,we will succeed. With this newest stat, George Poteet and the Speed Demon team now hold Blown Fuel Streamliner records in AA, A, B, C, D, and F classes. This thing is been doing, out doing, and then out out doing itself for nearly a decade now. When you say Bonneville, you at once add salt flats, Speed Week and crazy vehicles, and the result usually brings up talk of land speed records. You have the whole crew making it happen . His father was killed in 1988 over a money dispute with a former partner. He’s taken more 400-mph rides than anybody else, crashed and walked at 380 mph, won the Hot Rod Magazine Fastest Speed of the Event trophy eight times and still it ain’t easy. It was built to compete in SCTA’s AA/BFS class. With a mile-five speed of 428.182 mph late on Monday, the Speed Demon team qualified for the AA record and headed to impound. They were also after Danny Thompson’s AA/FS (unblown) record of 448.757 set in 2018. Thanks to Kenny for the photos. Edging closer- check out the fuel cell, plus laser leveling. Made 2632 [email protected] 9640 rpm @ 51 lbs of boost . Bonneville 2019 Prep Slightly Interrupted. Time will tell. Will run a back up run tomorrow morning.

Jerry Kugel attempted to break his own 40-year-old record of 245.804 mph in this very same car. If nobody tops that speed on Thursday the Demon will not run again until the Shootout next month. Number 76 al. Legend ! The new car uses the same engines built by Kenny Duttweiler, but it’s lighter, with less drag and better aero than before. These photos were taken by Chris Raschke- ARP. Lots of data gathered for another pass later today.Stand by. We have created this program to help with the fundraising.

He built the Blowfish, and he did the wheels for the new Speed Demon. Speed Demon’s runs were done in the mornings with cooler, denser air.

The other changes include new canopy mods flush mounted exhaust stacks and the lower body sweeps much farther back past the wheels. Any way when you guys cover Bonneville we can please get some sound recordings / video w/o commentary perhaps of the Awesome Sweet Sound of Speed Demon and others? Two Chrysler Hemi engines built by Richard Catton powered the incredible effort. Their sights were set on the AA/Blown Fuel Streamliner record of 417.02 mph set by Tom Burkland in October. Seeking to compete for the world’s fastest piston-powered car at the Bonneville Salt Flats (BSF), the new vehicle incorporates the industry’s latest technology. 12 days until we roll out to Bonneville . The runs were not without drama. Flex A Lite, Got the full treatment Valet at Treasure Island. We don’t win because we are better, we win because we don’t give up ! George Poteet's awesome Speed Demon has captured the attention of the world wide racing community with it's clockwork ability to tear off repeated 400 mph blasts at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Photo Marc Gewertz. Forty-six square miles of empty white space—who can’t go fast?

To get your name in the SCTA record book you not only have to drive faster than the current record, you have to back it up. I’ve been following it since Mickey & Craig , off and on. Cars that run in excess of 300 mph get their own “express lane” at the staging lanes at Speed Week’s long course, so Speed Demon was among the first teams to run when racing started on Saturday. Of course it uses incredible amounts of horsepower and that comes from the fertile mind and talented hands of Kenny Dutweiller, the engine builder who has had a dramatically awesome impact on very form of racing he has ever been involved in. Every racer has a story because racing is an adventure especially at Bonneville where the dreaded salt eats into everything causing problems you never knew could exist. I can’t say enough about every one of them .

The ride home from Bonneville last year was the longest of my life .

That’s exactly what he plans on doing—for the 46th time—this August at Bonneville Speed Week. The air scoop was found to be ineffective with minimal pressure so it is replaced with direct oval shaped side inlets just ahead of the turbo inlets. 40 years later, he returned in the same roadster to break his own E/Blown Fuel Roadster record. Speed Demon was the result. If you have something to share let us know. Hot Rod Magazine- Land Speed Cars in Impound - Photo Gallery. You can show your appreciation to our sponsors by buying and using their ”Speed Demon tested and appoved“ products in your machine. Speed Demon’s fourth run ended with a demolished ring and pinion gear. The Speeddemon crew hard at work, Southern California Timing Association (SCTA). Watch how Speed Demon has been completely reconstructed from the ground up after George's crash. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Or, the $1,000 Bronze Level and the receive the hand cast streamliner in Bronze.

In September 2010, George Poteet made a serious attempt to break the flying mile and flying kilometer record for piston-engined wheel-driven cars. The Poteet & Main Speed Demon streamliner holds the title of the world’s fastest wheel-driven car, taking the HOT ROD trophy for the fastest flying mile for five consecutive years at Bonneville’s Speed Week with current records in the SCTA’s Blown Fuel Streamliner class as fast as 437 mph. all of this bunch are at Kenny's Components where the carbon fiber work is being done. They only lets us run to the 4 mile instead of the 5 mile mark. For the record the current Speed Demon was built after George wrecked the original going 380 MPH at Mike Cook’s Shootout in 2014. Incredible amounts of engineering, tuning expertise, dedication, money and hard work by very talented people make this the most awesome land speed record team ever! He has more 400 mph-plus runs than everyone else combined. Land. Teague! This saga of speed started when racer and promoter Ron Main went in search of the World’s Fastest Flathead (Ford V-8). Meanwhile, Comp Cams custom ground the mechanical roller cam from tool-steel billet while the pushrods are Manton. It’s not that easy. Will we see 500mph this week? He comes across as gentle but focused.

That explains all the ARP detail shots. George Poteet walked away from that incident, but the Speed Demon was too damaged to permit further racing activities. However, there have been faster runs, just not with piston power. George Poteet speaks slowly with a relaxed southern accent, drawing out the syllables as he talks cars and racing, his favorite subjects.

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