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PC Engine / TG-16 General Discussion. Something went wrong. The two more critical reviewers felt the gameplay was unbalanced and generally uninspired. [5] Super Game Power was also receptive of the game giving it a positive score. [1][5] Blow ejaculates into the boss character to cure them from the virus. Rules & Introductions. [3], Steam-Heart's was developed by Giga and published by TGL. [6] The game is unusual for combining a shooting game with eroticism, as Japanese erotic games are more typically genres like role playing, adventure, strategy, or even beat 'em ups. Animate your own images to create new wallpapers or import videos/websites and share them on the Steam Workshop! Two reviewers gave a 5/10 while a third gave an 8/10. Forum. Edge PC Engine Collector's Guide Featured Title. [2] The Saturn version comes with a small yellow seal warning of the erotic content of the game. All releases have been limited to the Japanese market. STEAM HEART'S NEC PC Engine CD ROM PCI SPINE CARD + REG CARD. Thanks for contributing. [8][9] For this release, all the graphics were redrawn, the secondary weapons were weakened or removed altogether, and the two-player mode was pulled. A turbo boost can zip the ship through a tight squeeze to the pulsating beats to the soundtrack with a tap on the pad leaving a feeling of great satisfaction to have left behind the enemy hordes. In this video, I talk about Steam-Heart's info, story and what I think about the PC-Engine version of the game. The player can also choose from a variety of secondary weapons which vary between the versions of Steam-Heart's, but include fixed turrets, flamethrowers, and satellite ships that hunt down enemies among others. The story follows two siblings as they fight off a virus that is possessing the people in their world.

[4] The Saturn version is the most censored. Thank you! A heady combination of steamy cut scenes and frantic shoot 'em up action is the sort of fan service you can expect in Japan. [4] It was originally released for the NEC PC-9800 series of personal computers in Japan[3] on March 15, 1994. [4] The character designs were done by animator Takahiro Kimura. It is my longest edited video by far. [3] It was released near the end of the system's lifespan as its last shooter.

Thankfully the ship can take seven hits before biting the dust which is welcomed with the sheer volume of enemy fire as are the tight controls. Second hand. View cart for details. Download Steam Heart's (NTSC-J) [GLCD6002] ROM / ISO for PC-Engine (PCENGINE) from Rom Hustler.

He believed the game could not stand up to the likes of Radiant Silvergun and R-Type Delta (both released in 1998), and found the graphics were not much of an improvement over the PC Engine version. [3], PC Engine Fan praised the quality of the cutscene graphics and character designs in a preview of the PC Engine version. Steam-Heart's is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up and eroge.

[11] Three reviewers covered the game in Sega Saturn Magazine (Japan). Steam Hearts: Steam Hearts: SUPER CD•ROM 2: Vertical Shooter: 1996.03.22: Designer Takahiro Kimura. Critics generally found the gameplay to be average, with the erotic content being the sole distinguishing feature. This is my first hentai game review. The PC Engine Software Bible Forum. Thankfully the gameplay is more rewarding than Divine Sealing on the Mega Drive adopting an overhead perspective with shifts in style to keep things fresh.

[2] The characters exchange dialog during gameplay to progress the story. Steam Hearts - TGL - PC Engine Super CD ROM ↰ Home; Item's Full Details ↓ Steam Hearts. Steam-Heart's was initially released on PC-98 personal computers in 1994. In the case of Steam Hearts, it appears that all of the text is inside numerous .EXE files, and if PC-98s are like regular DOS PCs, those are programs. [2] Superjuegos noted that aside from the erotic content, the game can't compete in terms of graphics or gameplay to games like Radiant Silvergun or Galactic Attack. The game features shooter gameplay paired with ample erotic cutscenes with scantily clad women. , but backed by eBay Money back guarantee, Top-rated Plus. [3] The text scrolling in the original was also replaced with voice acting in the console versions. But still, for the sake of preservation, you could add these. Sizzlingly hot and saucy shmup brought to the table by the talented Giga. The cut scenes come after defeating an end of level boss which are interesting characters to say the least. [1] There are 8 levels in total, as well as single-player and two-player modes. [3] Eroge was known for being more graphic on personal computers than consoles, so when the game was ported to the PC Engine and Saturn, the cutscenes were completely redrawn to be less graphic, albeit more suggestive. For the actual shots of this item, please click here... For an independent lowdown, please point your browser here: Please note: orders placed now will be sent on Friday 06/11/2020, Importers of the best Japanese video games since 2006, [email protected] Phone during office hours of 0900 to 1700 GMT +44-(0)7811133366 Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter, Payment options for Steam Hearts are as follows:-, Stellar Assault SS - Sega Saturn - £134.99, Virtua Fighter Remix (New) - Sega Saturn - £19.99, Chaos Control (New) - Sega Saturn - £12.99, Digital Dance Mix Namie Amuro - Sega Saturn - £7.99, All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua - Sega Saturn - £11.99, Kishin Douji Zenki Battle Raiden - Super Famicom - £64.99, Pilotwings (Cart Only) - Super Famicom - £10.99, Street Fighter Zero 2 (Cart Only) - Super Famicom - £24.99, Super Chinese World (Cart Only) - Super Famicom - £9.99, Tiny Toon Adventures (Cart Only) - Super Famicom - £10.99, Dezaemon (Cart Only) - Super Famicom - £11.99, Giant Gram All Japan Pro Wrestling 2 - Dreamcast - £9.99, Dreamcast Magazine GD Vol 5 (Disk Only) - Dreamcast - £11.99, Garou Mark of the Wolves - Dreamcast - £32.99, Sakura Wars 3 Limited Edition (VMU Missing) - Dreamcast - £21.99, Shin Nippon Pro Wrestling Toukon Retsuden - Playstation - £7.99, The 20th Centurys Strikers - Playstation - £6.99, Sidewinder USA (Best) - Playstation - £6.99, Super Raiden - PC Engine Super CD ROM £54.99, Gradius II - PC Engine Super CD ROM £54.99, Populous The Promised Lands (New) - PC Engine Super CD ROM £29.99, Alnam no Kiba - PC Engine Super CD ROM £16.99, Forgotten Worlds - PC Engine Super CD ROM £54.99, Ghost Sweeper Mikami - PC Engine Super CD ROM £27.99, Conan The Boy in the Future (New) - PC Engine Super CD ROM £17.99, Psychic Storm (New) - PC Engine Super CD ROM £67.99, CD Denjin Rockabilly Paradise (New) - PC Engine Super CD ROM £97.99, Todds Adventures in Slime World (New) - PC Engine Super CD ROM £39.99, Tenchi O Kurau - PC Engine Super CD ROM £114.99, PC Engine Back Up Booster II (New) - PC Engine Hardware £64.99, PC Engine RF Unit (New) - PC Engine Hardware £11.99, PC Engine Multitap (Unboxed) - PC Engine Hardware £17.99, Arcade Card Duo (New) - PC Engine Hardware £99.99, PC Engine Avenue Pad 3 (Unboxed) - PC Engine Hardware £31.99.

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