the george hotel amesbury haunted

The Plaza. Also the sound of paper being moved has been captured. I do not understand the meaning of this. I thought I felt the presence of a least two spirits but they seemed static. {size:595.3pt 841.9pt;

We assembled in this room and sat quietly, 'calling out' to try and make spirit contact. Legend has it that a double murder over a lovers' quarrel occurred here. Twilight Shadows Paranormal would like to convey their gratitude to Mark and Harriet for letting us investigate their beautiful Inn and for their outstanding hospitality and kindness. Read more » Cambridge, Massachusetts: Ghosts, Legends, & Lore E. Ashley Rooney. It's daytime radio, playing all the same tunes I hear at work each day, and it completely destroyed our last holiday there. No one really knows what they are and there are many theories to what they can be, from the first stages of a manifestation to digital faults). Towards the end of the hour in this room, the atmosphere changed and I felt that the spirit of a female had joined us.

Louise and her daughter had lived in the house for two years and had been haunted by a spirit within the house, so much so, that they had spent most of their time upstairs as they felt safer. This may suggest that the attic was once lived in. I sayed here while working at Boscombe Down. I loved this idea. We were given the Coach Room, the Coombes Room, the Abbots Room, the Samuel Pepys Room, the Monmouth Room, the dungeon, the attic and later on the dining room and the lounge. margin:72.0pt 90.0pt 72.0pt 90.0pt; In both the rooms that we stayed in (after asking to be transferred because of the karaoke scheduled until 2am beneath our room, and no, we were not informed of this initially) there were what looked like urine stains and food and drink stains on the carpets that must have been there for years. - See 373 traveler reviews, 156 candid photos, and great deals for George Hotel at Tripadvisor. Georgian Hunting Lodge. A lovely, little, white painted pub, it is Second-grade listed and stands opposite its more opulent neighbour, the George Hotel. I seem to 'know' this because I faced that direction as I sat at my /* Style Definitions */ It exhibits ghostly manifestations. came around the corner and saw the inn I recognised it as a 'memory' and dreams Previously we had been told that there were the remains of two mummified birds in the attic. Taxes and fees that are shown are estimates only. I wish I had read the reviews before we booked. None of them had their hair tied back, nor were they wearing aprons, or anything which would tell you they were dealing with food. redirected through Norton St. Philip and immediately felt that I knew the place, It was Mark from Haunted Wiltshire. There are many other things that I have a sort of Please check the other reviews and photographs. To make it worse one bar has karaoke. Copyright 2019-2020 | All Rights Reserved Ⓒ Haunted Hostelries UK ™ | Charles Street, Stockport, Cheshire, UK | Phone: 07375 920339. time and I had no friends! It was about half an hour into our vigil into this room that Maria from Twilight Shadows Paranormal called to say that they had arrived, so Dave went off to sort her team out and we continued with our vigil. The few good points: Prices are the average nightly price provided by our partners and may not include all taxes and fees. (Later I was talking to Harriet (the landlady) and she said that she did not know the origin of the dead birds but she had decided to leave them up there, just in case. However, the rooms above the disco are cheaper for that reason.But then, why not go down there for a dance?To The George:My only problem is the discreet background music in the saloon bar and at the breakfast table. Upon returning from work I found that my bed had been made but the floor was still filthy. Don’t worry, please search below and still visit this epic hostelry. It didn't really feel haunted but I felt uncomfortable.

There was dust on ledges, around the carpet edges and on top of the wardrobe was thick.The bathroom door had four holes in it and the bathroom itself was indescribable with the previous guest's soap still in the dish. TEAM 1's REPORT (Jacky, Dave, Chris and Sharon). sitemap.

Andy, Sidmouth. desk.

It was difficult not to imagine everyone in Olde Worlde clothing. A few light anomalies were caught on Camand at one point I thought I saw a shadow moving towards Chris and at the same time Chris exclaimed that he felt a spirit person move through him. @page Section1 Amesbury Tourism Amesbury Hotels It was also noticed that if you sat on the side of the bed nearest the door, you soon felt a kind of pins and needles sensation in your hands and arms. comfortable bed and a writing desk on which I was preparing hand written We split into two teams which consisted of me, Dave, Chris and Sharon as Team 1, with Mark (from Haunted Wiltshire), Mike and Tracey (our newest team members) as Team 2.

Nearby the cleaner's cupboard door was ajar and an old vacuum propping the door open.

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