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I added a few tap water compositions (Montreal, Laval and Washington DC) in the bottled water spreadsheet. I have had excellent results with the SCA Water according to your recipe. Let me know if you try them before I do ! This seems like as good a time as any to take a deep breath and regroup. It’s ok if you don’t get the exact hydrate form, but you’ll need to adjust the weights to get the same amount of Ca+2 or Mg+2 cations. This book explores the chemistry of water and the effect it has on coffee. Even when TDS-meters say they do a temperature correction, it’s a bad one. The key difference comes when you use water to extract coffee from the ground beans. pH measures the (logarithm) ratio of free OH– ions to H+ ions in a solution, with pH = 7 corresponding to a unit ratio (neutral). Hendon and Colonna-Dashwood assert that magnesium is a little more efficient, they seem to prefer its flavor, and it has the added benefit of not resulting in limescale, as calcium is prone to do. Water is an essential ingredient for coffee extraction, typically making up more than 90% of the final beverage. There are a total of five minerals you will need if you want to do all of the recipes below, but the simpler ones can be done with just the first two in this list.

I haven’t done extensive tests comparing pH~7 water to these recipes, as it’s typically hard to play with pH without affecting the other variables above. Mix a pre-determined combination of bottled water brands. It does allow for highly customized water formulas, however. I preferred the Rao/Perger recipe, but in all honesty all three cups were very good, and way better than what you get with Montreal tap water. Each of these minerals are easily available and inexpensive. In one mole of, there is almost exactly 100g of mass.

And we took an extended detour into the seedy underbelly of molar mass conversions. At this point, it would be useful to visualize the water properties of different cities, bottled waters and some recipes of coffee professionals: In the figure above, you can see the range recommended by the SCA (green bar), the region recommended by the Colonna-Dashwood & Hendon (2015) Water for Coffee book (this mythical book is now pretty much impossible to find, but it is said by the ancient ones to go much deeper in the chemistry of coffee extraction than what I could ever write in this blog post), and the more constrained region recommended by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), which is mainly based on avoiding regions of significant scaling (upper right) or corrosion (upper left), two aspects that are mostly important to the delicate internal parts of espresso machines. – grind size distribution anaysis in progress!

This means that the minerals we’re concerned with are usually reported in ppm, as something other than what they actually are, is the reporting unit has to do with its convenient molar mass: 100 grams. If your water is especially hard, RO can provide an effective way to reduce its mineral content.

Be advised though, when doing direct dosing, the amounts are very very small so I would highly recommend getting a mg scale. Some of this can be measured by titration, and you can get a broad glimpse of a water’s constitution by using an electronic conductivity meter (sometimes erroneously referred to as TDS meters). Hello Jonathan, thank you very much for the detailed article. And we took an extended detour into the seedy underbelly of molar mass conversions.

”) and odor of the water. An independent pump and custom water lines are usually required to provide adequate line pressure and appropriate pathways to deliver the water to its intended destination.

If you were using water just to dilute a cup of espresso (e.g., when making an americano), then your only worry would be that the water tastes good. Calcium from limestone is one of the most common hard minerals present in water. Most people record the quantity of minerals in water using measurements in parts per million (ppm), and most scientists still use calcium carbonate (CaCO3) as the standard for measuring the concentration of any compound in water. This is in part why some dentists caution against drinking too much carbonated water; it’s acidic — though it’s probably not that big of a deal, especially if unflavored. However, for the majority, the most accurate way to know what’s in your water is to send it off to a lab. Magnesium ions also occur naturally. I don’t know to what extend it moves the composition around, so ideally you’ll want to test the result with some aquarium water hardness and alkalinity kits.

Reference: I deduced this one from other recipes above. Hi Daniel, they are concentrates, and how much of the concentrate is needed for a 4L jug depends on the recipe – For most of them, I designed the concentrate so that you need 16g per 4L jug. Can you help with recipes on a per gallon basis with direct mineral addition? I was wondering if you could point me to some resources or offer some guidance on making brew water with direct mineral addition and not concentrate solutions. Chris Kornman is a seasoned coffee quality specialist, writer and researcher, and the Lab & Education Manager at The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room. If not, what water would you recommend? Royal’s office and the Crown are fed by sources managed by EBMUD, and their data on the water from the reservoirs and treatment plants they operate is available online here, by way of example.

Both of the magnesium and calcium cations are related to the total hardness of a solution, defined as the summed concentration of many cations (positively charged ions), among them calcium, magnesium, iron, strontium and barium. We Compared Dairy, Nut, Soy, Hemp and Grain Milks, Coffee Economics with Karl: Why Coffee Prices Change, Be The Bean: Take a Three-Minute Thrill Ride Through a Roastery, Coffee, Coffee Everywhere: Static in Grinding, http://www.baronchemicals.com/LSI%20RSI.aspx, https://www.espressoschool.com.au/coffee-water-calculators/, The Victoria Arduino Eagle One Has Landed, Now Roasting in Cheney, Washington: West Plains Roasters, Olam Coffee Helping to Lead New Farmer Training Center in Colombia, Managing the Nitty Gritty: Cleaning and Maintenance in the Roastery, Espro Entering the Pourover Field this Spring with Bloom, 40ppm HCO3– (alkalinity as CaCO3) ÷ 595.32 = 0.067 g x 4L =.

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