Campaign management

Our award winning campaigns aren’t just the result of years of experience and our creative, human-driven approach. They are also the product of a painstaking attention to detail, which is especially important for campaigns that operate on large scales.

Long before software solutions helped marketers move from spreadsheets to more collaborative tools, we were managing campaigns for brands using our own suite of digital tools. From the negotiation to publication, our team manages every last detail to ensure your brand’s story gets told without issue.

No matter the task, we’ve got you covered

Need to get product out to influencers for reviews? We’ll take care of it.

Is coordinating between hundreds of influencers for a single campaign wearing you down? That’s our job, and we’re happy to do it.

Are you slow-rolling content out over the course of a few weeks? We’ll schedule it all, and make sure the influencers are posting as you expect.

Are you compensating influencers for their content, all at different rates? We’ll handle all the payments, quickly and accurately.

Worried that an influencer is going to take down the content after getting paid? So are we. That’s why monitor their accounts long after the campaign ends.

Want to make sure your content complies with transparency guidelines set by the FTC and WOMMA? We’re on it. We’re not going to let someone else’s carelessness affect you.

As automated as it gets, from your perspective

Plenty of self-service platforms advertise influencer campaign automation, but the truth is they’re not there yet. And many agencies take their hands off the wheel once the campaign is set in motion.

When you work with 6Degrees, you’ll receive service that feels like true influencer automation. For us, it’s just another day at the office building and managing successful campaigns on behalf of our clients. For you, it will feel like everything’s happening on auto-pilot. Once we start building the campaign, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and watch it all happen. We’ll give you real time access to links as they go live so you can monitor how each piece of content is doing. Or you can choose to wait until the campaign has run its course, and we’ll tell you how it all went.

Influencer Identification

Influencers are people—creative, dynamic, passionate people. We view the discovery phase as the starting point to all influencer marketing success.

Influencer Campaign Measurement

At 6Degrees, we understand that engagement is the means to end, not the end itself.

Relationship Management

While our name is a shout-out to the notion that we’re all somehow connected with one another, we recognise that some connections are stronger than others.

Campaign Reporting

When we design a campaign for you, it’s with your objectives in mind. And when we show you the reports, we don’t just hand you a stack of numbers. We show you how those numbers reflect the achievement of your campaign goals.

Influencer Campaign Management

A collaborative process. After narrowing the field even further, 6Degrees will work with you to finalise the list of influencers we’ll want to activate. 

Best in Class

We’re a small team of seasoned marketing professionals with over three decades of combined experience.

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