Why Us?

Influencer marketing hasn’t become so popular because it’s easy to do. No, it’s caught on because it’s effective—when done right. 6Degrees does it right.

We recognise that people are the biggest part of the equation for a successful influencer marketing push. Influencers are people. Their audiences? All people. And the engine that propels content forward is the trust those audiences place in the influencers. To build that trust, you can’t rely on software or AI. You need more people: us.

We are not a talent agency.

Unlike other influencer agencies, we aren’t representatives for talent. We represent our clients, and we don’t like limiting their options. We don’t exclusively hire from our talent pool, because we just don’t have a pool. What we do have is a combined three decades of experience that lets us hone in on exactly the kinds of creatives our clients should be working with, along with the skills to actually connect them.

We are focused on results

In order to deliver on our clients’ objectives, we first had to focus on our own. Influencer marketing is especially effective in the Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle space, and even more so when the content is on the number one platform for marketing to consumers, Instagram. This focus keeps us plugged into the various communities devoted to the lifestyle verticals, and ensures we stay ahead of the curve on trends—sometimes even shaping them. When you work with us, you don’t just get a team of influence marketers dedicated to your success. You get backdoor access into the very groups of people you’re trying to attract as your new audience.

We’re not picky

Our clients run the spectrum, from independently-owned fashion boutiques to leading beauty brands. We’re equally good at running hyper-local campaigns for small businesses as we are pushing hundreds of pieces of content out to millions of people worldwide. We approach each client where they need to be met, and design campaigns aimed at achieving real business goals within any budget.

Influencer Identification

Influencers are people—creative, dynamic, passionate people. We view the discovery phase as the starting point to all influencer marketing success.

Influencer Campaign Measurement

At 6Degrees, we understand that engagement is the means to end, not the end itself.

Relationship Management

While our name is a shout-out to the notion that we’re all somehow connected with one another, we recognise that some connections are stronger than others.

Campaign Reporting

When we design a campaign for you, it’s with your objectives in mind. And when we show you the reports, we don’t just hand you a stack of numbers. We show you how those numbers reflect the achievement of your campaign goals.

Influencer Campaign Management

A collaborative process. After narrowing the field even further, 6Degrees will work with you to finalise the list of influencers we’ll want to activate. 

Best in Class

We’re a small team of seasoned marketing professionals with over three decades of combined experience.

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